Has anyone actually been able to accurately describe a sunset?  I was watching the sky while driving home this evening (super safe, I know) and I cannot imagine how to verbalize the drama I saw painted across the sky.  To the east the sky gave in to the darkness slowly, gently, but to the west it went out in a blaze of glory.  The colors I saw had no names – the clouds were too dark to be purple or blue but too light to be black or grey; the sky itself was some shade between pink and red and yellow and orange.  Whatever was happening up there was too large for my paltry vocabulary to try to encompass; even as the sky faded into the bruiselike shades of  yellow and green and grey and became easier to verbalize there was a sense of loss that is beyond me.  Another day was lost, but like a true dog day, it went out fighting.


3 thoughts on “Sunset

  1. so lovely and poetic. i occasionally find myself watching the sunset as i drive as well. i think your description says it all. sunsets are like the culmination of a day. the ups and the downs and the sorrows and the highs of life. it’s like they’ve all come together in a poetic way in the sky and it’s simply beautiful (did that make any sense? haha) i really love your writing, and i will read anything and everything that you post. ❤

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