Writer’s Wall

Oh Good Morning all you lovely folks!  I know, I know, you’ve been whiling away your time at my blog, wondering why I’ve abandoned you and haven’t posted in forever, just hanging on hoping I would come back and spread my wisdom among you once again while I’ve been blithely organizing my life and attempting to work on this behemoth I’ve begun.

Well, all that’s silly.  Like three people read this blog and one of them told me last night she lost her wordpress password, so maybe two of you  have been checking to see if I’ve been posting, and if you’ve been getting annoyed because I haven’t been posting, you already know the reason.  I shall tell you again anyway.  EVERYTHING I WRITE IS HORRIFIC.  And I don’t mean good horrific, in which you gasp because omghowcouldshedothattomyfavoritecharacter (do you know how hard it is to write that many words without a space? SUPER HARD!) but horrific in that omghowdoesatwentyfiveyearoldwomanmanagetosoundlikeachildinherwriting (it gets easier the more you do it).  It isn’t full on writer’s block, because I still have ideas – both broad ideas for plot arcs I’d like to add in and smaller, crystalline scenes I can see playing out in my head.  It’s just a complete inability to write those things out on paper.  Either I can’t connect the two, or I start with the scene and it goes exactly nowhere, or I’m trying SO HARD to connect the two that it just comes out sad.  Like, Daisy on Rock of Love II sad (if you haven’t seen Rock of Love II, I highly recommend it.  Girls with way too much plastic surgery crying and flailing their arms?  GOLD, I SAY!)

I’ve run my issues past my two best writer friends, POTUS and FLOTUS (no, I’m not friends with Barack and Michelle, but I just gave you two nicknames, so deal with it), and they did give me some pretty solid advice.  Like, you’re not happy with that one particular character?  Just kill her off!  Who cares!  In fantasy we kill people off ALL THE TIME – it’s kinda what makes the genre (and the magic, but I’ve got that down – I even made up a word.  Take that, J.K. Rowling).  And just keep trying – eventually you’ll get through it, and even the stuff that was shitty and you thought you couldn’t use you’ll be able to make something out of, or will spark something else in your brain later down the path.  All excellent advice from excellent friends I clearly wouldn’t be able to maintain my life without.  But with three jobs and life stuff coming down on me from all sides and oh shit Christmas is in like two months and I need to start shopping, keeping my motivation high to write when it’s hard is, well, fucking hard.  And I just needed to share that with all of you two people who already knew that.  Thanks.


One thought on “Writer’s Wall

  1. i figured out my password again and i can’t wait to read more if you continue posting 🙂 i’m gonna get back into writing on mine too. ❤ i can't wait to see you again hopefully soon!

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