I Ain’t Got No Halo Right Now

22morning**disclaimer: I’m neither a music critic, nor do I make any claims about my taste level.  I listen to Elbow and Bruce and Britney and The Spice Girls and Garth Brooks all in about equal quantities, so make of that what you will.  I listen to what I like and fuck anyone who chooses to judge me.  I also have had quite a few beers tonight, so this may turn into a ramble, but it’s been buzzing in my heart and brain for days now.  DEAL**

So lately I’ve been reading a Bruce biography (if you don’t know who I mean by Bruce, you can just move along to another blog now) lately, and becoming totally obsessed with the old school music scene that grew up in my HOME TOWN that I had NO IDEA ABOUT growing up, and being super jealous that I didn’t live then to experience it.  But truth to tell, I think I’m a part of an equally sick music scene – not a PART of it really, in that I participate in any way in making the music or making it awesome, but a part of the core audience and part of the people who are passionate about what these people are putting forth.  When I go to these local shows, with my converse sticking to the bar floor while I dance and people only a few feet away from me eating their dinner and politely ignoring what’s doing on around me, it feels like my blood has been replaced with champagne and the only way to get rid of that extra effervescence and energy is to jump and shake my head and dance it out.  It makes me feel like I’m in exactly the right place in exactly the right time in history and my life.  Specifically, I’m speaking of The Amboys, whose songs make me twitch around like I have Parkinson’s whether or not it’s appropriate for me to be doing so at the time.  Their shows are always so high energy and fun, it barely even matters if they’re playing well (obviously, I don’t know for shit if they are or not), all that matters is that they’re hyping everyone up and we’re dancing and having fun.  They break up their songs with call-and-response sections that get the blood pumping, and the bassist has a tendency to wander through the crowd dancing while playing.  In other words, their shows are essentially huge parties.  And I – the queen of anti-socialism, don’t-touch-me, no-I-do-not-dance – love them.  That’s gotta say something, right?


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