Insecurity Knocks From Time To Time

I’ve been struggling with writing lately.  I’ve been super busy, and rather than carving out time to myself at the end of the day to write – either to do work on my novel or just to dump my brain.  I’ve been self-soothing by acting like a goddamn soccer mom, cleaning and organizing my apartment.  Part of it is simple habit – I stopped writing when it came time to get ready to move, then I moved and I’ve been trying to get the apartment set up and I’m the MoH in BB’s sister’s wedding this weekend so I’ve spent a good chunk of time working on things for that – once you get out of the habit of writing every day,  it’s hard to get back into it.  If you’re not writing, it’s much easier to second-guess every word you type and start feeling like it’s not work the ink it’s written with (or whatever the digital equipment is – pixels, I guess?) and simply give up rather than risk embarrassing yourself.  The law of inertia certainly applies – the more I write, the more I want to write and the easier I find it to write; the longer I go between writing sessions the harder I find to get started again.  Now that I’m settled into my apartment and the wedding madness is nearly over, I’m hoping I can get back into writing, and maybe by admitting my insecurity is a good way to jump back in. 


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