Ahhh I’m in quite the reflective mood this evening.  First of all, I had a completely SHIT week, and today is the first day that I’ve done ANYTHING other than curl up under my sherpa and fall asleep to HGTV after work all week.  So I’ve been fighting a bit of inertia and the-world-is-out-to-get-me-itis. Today my puppy finally came home (ok, ok, he’s way too old to be a puppy but whateverrr I missed him with all my heart and soul and missing him totally fed into me being all sad this week) and I took him for a walk and noticed SOMEONE MOVED INTO MY OLD APARTMENT!! This is the first time I’ve noticed lights on since the cleaning/carpet/painting crews left a few weeks ago.  It brought up all kinds of memories of coming home from work late and finding video game parties going on; coming home and making myself food and cuddling up with the dog by myself; spending the afternoon reading in the sun on the front steps; having parties and Sunday Fundays and staying up till three am drinking and talking with my roommate.  It didn’t make me sad – which was a surprise, judging by my mood all week – but it shocked me how quickly time had flown.  That chapter of my life is over, and now I’m starting a new chapter with BB and Tucker and I’m scared it’s also going to fly by.  This weekend I watched BB’s sister get married (I was her MoH!!) and I can’t imagine that that’ll be Bryan and I in less than two years (so he claims).  Tonight was just one of those nights that I was smacked in the face by how quickly time is passing, and I just want to find the pause button to soak it up.  


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