Really 10 weeks…Really able to count

I’m still so excited and scared about this pregnancy!!  My sister & I went to the specialist this week, which was fun, though not was was expecting.  It’s still kind of surreal – I keep expecting that when I go to the doctor they’re gonna be like “um you’re a crazy person there are no babies in there!”  So far that hasn’t happened, though – so I’m coming around to the idea that it’s for real-for real.  Slooowly.

Reall bloated looking!!

Reall bloated looking!!

How far along? 10 weeks…I don’t know why I said 10 weeks last week.  I clearly counted one day as a full week!  Now I’m definetly 10 weeks – and per my OB, changing over on Sundays 🙂
Total weight gain: I didn’t gain any more this week – Still holding around 145.  I’m fluctuating between being super nauseated and STARVING, so it’s a bit of a struggle to force myself to eat.
Maternity clothes? Not yet – I’m still doing the leggings and long sweaters thing; this week I also borrowed BB’s flannel.  It’s not that my shirts don’t FIT, but they show off my pseudo-bump, which right now just looks like a gut!
Stretch marks? Not yet – I’ve been applying cocoa butter every morning after my shower and TRYING to not scratch – I’m itching like crazy!
Sleep: I’m crazy tired all day – I need a nap by 2pm the latest!  During the night my sleep is broken at best – I sleep for a few hours, wake up, toss and turn, repeat.  I’m also having crazy dreams, but I’m not writing them down as soon as I wake up so I’m mostly forgetting them – just having vague memories of fighting fires with celebrities and other such nonsense.
Best moment last week: Even though we didn’t find out if they’re identical or fraternal (the specialist said they can’t tell till much later, and they may not be able to tell AT ALL), they were able to tell us that they’re super healthy – growing at the same rate, in their own little bubbles so they can’t suck the life out of each other 🙂
Miss anything? OMG Topomax!! Real random, of course – but not really.  It’s my daily migraine medication that stops me from having regular or ocular migraines – I’ve had one of each since I went off it, plus a few slightly-worse-than-average headaches.  I just want to start feeling healthy again!
Movement: No, it’s way too early!  I can’t wait though – I’m SO EXCITED to feel them in my belly and not have paranoid moments where I’m convinced I killed them! (same as last week, of course!)
Food cravings: None, really – I mostly have to force myself to eat.
Anything making you queasy or sick: Smells in general – I can smell someone who just smoked at like 50 paces (I don’t know what that means – I can smell it from across the room, basically.  And some food smells set me off as well.
Gender: No clue, but I can’t wait to find out.  Originally we were told possibly as early as 12-13 weeks, now they’re looking at 16 or so weeks
Labor signs: Nope – thank God!  Way too early!
Symptoms: My boobs are still huge – I had to get a few new bras already.  Also, my nose is super duper sensitive (see what makes me sick!)  and my morning sickness is backkkk.  And my eating cycle is still crazy – not even halfway done I’m full, then I’m hungry in three hours ON THE DOT.
Belly button in or out? Still in – time will tell if it pops!
Happy or moody most of the time:  It’s about the same – I’m thrilled, of course, but I’m super nervous and anxious all the time which sometimes makes me a little moody.
Looking forward to: My belly popping!  Like I’ve said, I’m not showing, but the rearranging of my insides has begun and I look like I have a gut – I don’t look pregnant, just fat!

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