11 Weeks! Almost done with Trimester 1!

Still the most paranoid pregnant woman ever – literally every single time I go to the doctor I expect them to tell me that I’m crazy and not pregnant and please stop wasting their time.  So far that hasn’t happened, though, and I’m starting to suspect they’re telling the truth and I’m really pregnant – you’ll see why.  I’m also still super scared about every little thing – I just sneezed and felt a little pain in my belly and had a minor freak out moment.  So, there’s that.  Jeez.  One day I’ll calm down about all this…right?

Clearly I did not realize the bottom half of my face was in the picture hahaha

Clearly I did not realize the bottom half of my face was in the picture hahaha

How far along? 11 weeks, according to my calculations.  Literally every time I go to the doctor they tell me something else, and their math never adds up.  WTF guys?  Whatever – I’m sticking to my guns and saying this week is week 11.
Total weight gain: AGAIN, no weight gain.  I may or may not have lost a pound or two, in fact – it’s hard to gague because I’m always fully dressed in boots at my drs appointments and usually just a towel at home.  Even my stomach looks smaller this week – luckily my nausea seems to be letting up (a little, at least!) so maybe I can get back on track.
Maternity clothes? Same as it’s been – leggings and big bulky tops.  I’m thinking I can make it to Christmas before I need to offically switch to maternity
Stretch marks? I haven’t found any yet, but I’m CRAZY DRY all the time, even with the cocoa butter every morning.
Sleep: My dreams are still crazy, and fade super fast after waking up – which is shitty because I’m waking up a million times a night.  I’m tired all day long, too – I can fall asleep anywhere but my bed, apparently.
Best moment last week: Awww I think I felt them fluttering for the first time this week!  I can’t tell for sure, because they’re still so little, but I was laying in bed trying to sleep and I kept feeling little butterflies in my stomach.  It was super exciting!
Miss anything? Still Topomax – I had ANOTHER optic migraine yesterday, and I’ve had a gnawing headache since yesterday.  So far there’ve been no more real hardcore migraines, but it’s rough thinking that I’ve got to deal with this situation for the better part of the next year.
Movement: Ahh, like I said, I THINK I felt them moving around, and whether I was wrong or right, it was incredible.  SO EXCITED, even if it wasn’t them.  I can’t wait till they’re big enough so I can seee them.
Food cravings: I’m thirsty all the time, but water makes me sick (really!) so I’m having to be creative – lots of gatorade/powerade, iced tea, etc.  But that’s not really a craving.  I am dying for creamy, sweet things – like oreos with milk or ice cream – which then make me vaguely nauseated.
Anything making you queasy or sick: Plain, unflavored water.  Also, eating too much creamy sweetness in one sitting makes me sick, which is sad because my current “too much in one sitting” is roughly half of my previous “this is an appropriate amount of food”.  So I have to figure what I can actually eat all over again.
Gender: Still no clue.  But we find out in a few weeks, and I cannot wait!  We’re really pulling for a girl and a boy – partially so we can tell them apart, partially so it’s super obvious if they’re identical or fraternal haha. But, you know – we’ll be totally happy with 2 boys or two girls, too.
Labor signs: Nope – thank God!  Way too early!
Symptoms: I’m super itchy and tired all the time – I just lay around all day and still need a nap.  Also I have random round ligament pain – and my lower back is sore all the time.
Belly button in or out? Still in – time will tell if it pops!
Happy or moody most of the time:  I’m super moody.  Cannot even pretend.  I’m excited to be pregnant and all that, but jeez.  I just want everyone to leave me to eff alone to grow these babies.
Looking forward to: So much!  Finding out the genders, my belly popping so I look forreal-pregnant, feeling the babies move more as they grow more, getting past the morning sickness! So, basically, everything.

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