Sixteen Weeks!

You know what’s pretty much terrible?  How everyone and everything you ask about pregnancy says “Every pregnancy is different, you should call your doctor if something is unusual FOR YOU because you know your body and babies best.”  Guess what, everyone?  I’ve never been pregnant before.  So I don’t actually know what’s normal.  And “normal” […]

Fifteen Weeks!

So I’m starting to calm down and get used to being pregnant….mostly.  I’m still super paranoid about my stomach – especially now that it’s getting bigger, but isn’t firm yet, I panic a little anytime anything brushes against it.  I guess since I’m such an anxious person, I should have expected that I would be […]

14 weeks!!!!!

Getting so excited!  My belly is getting so big!!  I went to the doctor last week (the last day of my 13th week!) and the doctor said I look (and feel lol) like a woman in her EIGHTEENTH week.  So crazy.  I’m kind of glad I’m having twins, now, though, because if my belly was […]

13 Weeks! Woot Woot!

So I’ve been terrible about posting for the last couple weeks…I’ve just been super tired and letting myself be lazy and lay on the couch like all the time unless I’m physically at work or out for whatever reason.  Today was the first day that I’ve felt like I had a normal amount of energy, […]