14 weeks!!!!!

Getting so excited!  My belly is getting so big!!  I went to the doctor last week (the last day of my 13th week!) and the doctor said I look (and feel lol) like a woman in her EIGHTEENTH week.  So crazy.  I’m kind of glad I’m having twins, now, though, because if my belly was smaller than it is now I’d never believe I’m pregnant.  I have a hard enough time believing now – could you imagine if I was smaller?!?!

OK wow I look super big here!

OK wow I look super big here!

How far along? 14.5 weeks!! Crazyyy
Total weight gain: I’ve stopped attempting to keep track.  Seriously, it was driving me crazy worrying about if I’ve gained enough weight/am I starving my babies, but when I asked my doctor he said everything is fine and they’re growing just fine and my belly is bigger so don’t stress over it.
Maternity clothes? Yes!  I got a bunch of maternity clothes and oversized sweaters and shirts for Christmas so I’ve been in maternity clothes since then.  I feel like they make my belly look like a real bump instead of just fat.
Stretch marks? Not yet, but I’m terrible at remembering the cocoa butter and I’m SOOO dry and itchy
Sleep: It’s pretty broken, and I get irritated super easily when I wake up in the middle of the night.  I cannot stand when BB is all up on me and then I can’t sleep because he’s breathing on me.  And I get super tired in the afternoons.  But I’ve got a bit more energy in the evenings now, I don’t die as soon as I get in from work!
Best moment last week: Seeing my babies on the ultrasound 🙂  I got the NT test, which tests for Down’s Syndrome using the ultrasound, and it takes a bit of time, so I got to see them moving and opening and closing their mouths and generally being ADORABLE.  And they have FACES now.  I love them.  Love love love.
Miss anything?  Painkillers, in general.   My headache medicine in particular – I  wake up with a headache EVERY DAY, and it’s a good day when it’s gone by noon.  Today it stuck around all day – it’s still throbbing above my right eye, but I’m trying to work through it.
Movement:  No, not yet – and I’ve come to the conclusion that the movements I felt before were the product of my overactive imagination.  My doctor and all the things I’m reading say I should start feeling them in 2 weeks or so though 🙂
Food cravings: Not really – although I can’t seem to eat a lot in one sitting, so I’m much more into snacking throughout the day.  Waiting for mealtimes is too long, and the I can’t eat all the food.  Snacking seems to keep me on a more even keel.
Anything making you queasy or sick: It’s really unpredictable!  Sometimes the smell of something Bryan’s making makes me want to barf IMMEDIATELY, other times I’m all for whatever it is until I’m a dozen bites in then I’m like OH MY GOD I’M DYING.  So, that sucks.
Gender: We find out in two weeks!  The tech looked this week but couldn’t tell for sure yet!  Next appointment ❤
Labor signs: Nope – thank God!  Way too early!
Symptoms: I’m super itchy, like I said – I’m also having lots of acid reflex which is making my nausea come back.  And I’ve got a ton of headaches (obviously) and my lower back is sore a lot too.
Belly button in or out? Still in – time will tell if it pops!
Happy or moody most of the time:  I’m very irritable.  Like, I’ll be fine and dandy and then BB will do something and I’ll threaten to cut his face off.
Looking forward to: Oh my god finding out the genders in two weeks!! It’s crazy!!! I cannot wait, cannot wait cannot wait!

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