The girls are teething (yes, at two months old, ARE YOU KIDDING ME, oh well, at least they haven’t had time to get into a sleep pattern to ruin yet) and it’s pretty horrifying.  Actually, it’s not the nights that are bad, which are what everyone told me to worry about – stories of being up literally all night rocking a crying baby haunted me, with the added fear of TWICE. AS. BAD. That flavors every parenting horror story I ever hear.  But for the past few nights the girls have been crashing around 9pm, sleeping till 2, eating and going right back to bed till 4 (which is when I get up anyway, YES I’M AWARE THAT SOUNDS CRAZY TO SOME PEOPLE BUT I NEED TO GET THINGS DONE).  During the day, though, they’re drooling and cranky and chewing their hands and just want to cuddle.  They still usually get in one good nap in the late morning / early afternoon, but the early morning hours and the afternoon / evening / up to bathtime are all about catnaps and cuddles and wanting to be held – no – swing – no – bink – no – baba – no – ring – no – rinse – repeat.

I imagine this is their life right now

I imagine this is their life right now


I was texting a friend earlier in the day and she asked if we were keeping the teething rings in the freezer, since the cold helps their gums.  I told her we are, but there’s only so much that helps, since the teething rings are much too big for the girls mouths – they’re made for babies twice their age, and on top of it the girls are generally on the small side.  She said it was the cutest thing she’d ever heard.  And, in a way, she’s right.  The image of my babies chomping away at the edges of teething rings that are far too big to fit all the way into their mouths really is adorable – but at the same time, I know that they’re hurting, or at least uncomfortable, and the teething ring isn’t really helping.  Plus, it’s not so cute when they get frustrated after like nintey seconds and throw the ring across the room.  Or, well, the foot or so that they’re capable of throwing things.

So, that’s where we’re at lately.  Teeth.  They cause such drama…but on the plus side, they tire the girls out so they sleep through the night.  Yay?  I fear getting used to this and getting hit with a dreaded sleep regression…


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