90 Days


Three months old.  Three months ago I had a stomach out so far I could barely fit behind the wheel of my car.  I didn’t know what your faces looked like, but I knew you had the hiccups a lot and you sure liked to kick at my ribs (Maddy) and kidneys (Rosy).  It’s almost impossible to believe that three months from this moment I was worrying about bringing you into this world, and now you’re here and I can’t imagine my life without you.  People are always shocked when they hear I have twins, and want to know if it’s hard, or tell me that they can’t imagine life with two babies – one was hard enough!  Well, your father and I are incredibly blessed to have you both – we can’t imagine only having one.  What do you do once you’ve gotten your baby to sleep if there isn’t another baby there crying?  Just continue living your life?  How boring!  We love you both with everything we have, and I know that for myself, seeing him with the two of you has made me love him so much more.  Happy 3 month birthday, girls!


You’re still both so young, and spend so much time together, that it’s easy to think of you as a set.  And in many ways, you’re neck and neck as far as acheivements.  Rosy smiled at me first, but Maddy followed up the very next day.  Maddy, you were longer at birth but weighed less; at your 1 month checkup you had a whole 2oz and 1in on your sister; by your 2 month checkup you were back 2oz in weight but you were both the same exact length.  You both love laying on your crib blankets and watching me work on Fridays when you’re home with me, and cuddling with your daddy for naps during the day.  Either one of you will sit quietly and watch me get ready for the day as long as I take breaks to play this little piggy or sing head shoulders knees and toes.  Eating your toes is also call for celebration.  Omnoming time is the best time of day, hands down.  Both of you love sitting up like big girls with the corner of the couch or your boppy to support you, and you even pull away from me while I’m holding you to support yourselves.  Every time you pull away I wonder who these giants are who replaced my babies.


Madeline Elizabeth

My little charmer.  You’ve got your moments of crankiness just like your sister, but in general you’re much calmer.  You love looking at people with your big-eyed seriousness – no, you love looking at boys with your big eyed seriousness.  Always the boys – daddy or uncle Austin or grandpa, it doesn’t matter, as long as they stare back into your eyes.  Those eyes are mesmerizing.  You love watching momma move around, even if I’m not holding you – you’ll sit in your car seat while I move around the kitchen or in your boppy on the bathroom floor and casually tell me stories while flailing your limbs for emphasis.  Your personality is just like your daddy – so laid back.  I can put you on your tummy, your side, your back – you may yell and scream at me, but you’ll give it a moment’s thought first, a second to see if you like it and if you can figure out how to make it work.  You can make most things work.  It’s not hard to make my Mads happy.  Anytime you’re watching something you enjoy, that smile seems to creep up from your little hands to your chin, then your whole mouth opens, your cheeks puff out, and your eyes brighten up.  That smile lights up your whole face, and I love seeing it each and every day.  But there will always be something about that deep, intense, soul-searching serious look that you always have that melts my heart and soul into a puddle.


Rosemane Maxine

Your uncle Angelo pointed out while he was visiting that if we didn’t want a little diva, we probably shouldn’t have given you such a divatastic name.  He’s right!  You’ve had plenty of trouble to cause your divatude – my poor baby and her stomach issues! – but now that they’ve gotten sorted out you’re becoming such a happy baby!  You’re just like your momma – you want to do everything, right now, and if you can’t do it perfectly, you don’t want to try.  No tummy time for you, no ma’am.  But you’re amazing at what you will do.  My current favorite thing about you (besides everything) are the faces you make.  While your sister prefers to spend her time perfecting her thoughtful, soul-searching look, you like to work on a wider variety of faces.  There’s the “confused concern” look that comes over your face every time you’re unsure of a new situation (like every single night in the bath) and the “innocent joy” look when I come to look in on you when you should be sleeping in your crib only to find you learning how to use your fingers instead.  There’s the infamous “side eye” you give everyone, for any reason at all.  And, of course, the look of pure, unadulterated love that I see when I’m feeding you at 1am, or when you’re looking up at your daddy.  All of those faces melt my heart.

Seriously, I can’t imagine life with just one.  Can we rewind and I can do these three months over?




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