Today, I felt like goddamn Superwoman.  This is, of course, notable purely because of it’s rarity.  I got caught up on all the work that I was backed up on from our no-nap Friday afternoon, ran a load of laundry & dishes, made bottles, played with the babies & got them back down for a nap.  It doesn’t sound like a lot when I write it out like that, but I promise you that it felt extremely productive.  But to say that I’m Superwoman really takes away from how I was able to do it.

I think it’s really really easy to forget how much we rely on each other to get things done, until they’re not around.  I was reminded of this recently, when my dad was working 12-hour night shifts.  He always clears out the sink for bathtime, and helps rinse out and boils the bottles so that they’re ready for me to fill up the next morning.  I was reminded of it again this morning.  The only reason I was able to get so caught up on my work was because BB took the girls out ALL MORNING.  First he took them for a long run, then he came back and we changed them and put them in the other stroller (out of the jogger & into the car seat / stroller combo) and took them to jujitsu class.  That gave me – no joke – three and a half hours to just slam through all the work I had.  Now, that’s not a huge amount of time, but three and a half hours without the girls is worth the whole day with them as far as productivity goes.

It’s really really easy to get into the habit of thinking “I do everything around here” – I think everyone does it, at home and at work.  It’s easy to get caught up  in what you do, and what others don’t do, and feel put upon because you’re doing so much more.  But as soon as one person isn’t around to do what you got used to them doing, you realize how dependent you are on the others around you, and that you can’t be Superwoman (or Superman, I guess, though that just sounds silly) without them


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