Hahahaha I’m so funny.  Holidaze.  I crack myself up.  Anyway.  This Thanksgiving weekend has just really given me a chance to get myself back together & centered and I’m feeling so much better now – I can actually see myself getting through the next two and a half weeks of work till my Christmas break […]


Five months.  FIVE MONTHS, baby girls.  How is time flying by this fast?  I would much prefer if it could slow down so we could have a few nice, relaxing days of snuggling.  You’re growing and changing so fast, every night I think back and regret every second of your life that I’ve missed.  You’ve […]


So, anyone who knows me (or BB) knows that we’re not exactly religious people.  Growing up, our experiences with religion & church were on the “indifferent to bad” end of the spectrum, and as we got older we both (individually) moved away from organized religion and into the sort of amorphous spiritualism that older generations […]

Advice Column

Just kidding, I’m totally not starting an advice column.  I don’t know enough about anything to give anyone advice, first of all, and secondly I’m way more likely to yell at people to snap out of their shenanigans complaining and just DO SOMETHING ALREADY to fix their issues (hypocrite, party of one, thank you).  No, […]

Clingy, Clingy

So, the holidays are coming up (in case you are Gollum and thus haven’t noticed).  This means a lot of family time, which normally I’m very excited about, because my family is fairly awesome and a good time (so is BB’s).  This year, though, I’ve got sort of a low-level dread going on heading into […]