Rosy: Yup, another tooth. NBD. Momma: WTF WHY ARE YOU GROWING SO FAST

Oh my it’s been a while, hasn’t it?  I had quite a lovely post ready to go for the girls’ four month birthday (!!), full of stats and love and super adorable.  I was in the process of putting photos in it, but I kept getting pulled away, and then somehow I lost it.  Very irritating, I must say.  Very upsetting.  And then it was Halloween, and the girls’ baptism, and I’ve been doing holiday shopping to spread out both the cost and the stress, and I honestly don’t know how all these women in my MoMs group do everything they do with twins and extra kids on top of it.  If I find out they’re all on drugs and holding out on my I’ll be EXTREMELY upset.


Maddy was upset because she was having trouble turning over. Rosy was very concerned about her sister’s whines. Momma was a puddle on the floor.

Anyway.  That is not what we’re here to discuss.  We’re here to discuss the distressing way my children keep growing up, despite my EXPRESS INSTRUCTIONS not to do so.  BOTH of them have cut teeth – in fact, Rosy has TWO.   Rosy cut her first tooth a few weeks ago, and quickly pushed the second one out before we even noticed it was on its way out.  Maddy has been struggling with her tooth since Rosy cut hers – I swore it was going to cut the very next day, it was so close.  Not only was I obviously real wrong about the timing, but that tooth that has been threatening to come through wasn’t even the one that came thorough!! The girls had opposing teeth come in first – Rosy’s lower right came in first, Maddy’s lower left (of course, Rosy already has her lower left by now).


Holiday Photos. They were extra fussy and NOT COOPERATIVE. Still stinking cute though.

I’m in awe of how much they’ve grown.  They’re holding themselves up, rolling from their tummies to their backs (and they’re inches away from figuring out back to belly – darn elbows getting in the way!), they’ve got teeth and chatter to each other constantly.  I visited my cousin’s week old baby last week and found myself MISSING MY NEWBORNS.  What?  I’ve been DYING for them to get big enough to be fun, and now that they are, I want them to stop growing.  Like, immediately.  NO MORE GROWING.  DO YOU HEAR ME, CHILDREN?

Ummm, have we met?  We do what we want.  Including flying.

Ummm, have we met? We do what we want. Including fly.


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