Clingy, Clingy

So, the holidays are coming up (in case you are Gollum and thus haven’t noticed).  This means a lot of family time, which normally I’m very excited about, because my family is fairly awesome and a good time (so is BB’s).  This year, though, I’ve got sort of a low-level dread going on heading into the holiday season, and it takes this form:


These little stinkers are NOT AWESOME with new people, places, and things.  Obviously.  They’re 4.5 months old, they’re still getting used to the world, it’s hardly fair for me to expect them to be cool about changing things up all the time.  HONESTLY, MOM.

But still, it’s rough when I want to spend time with friends and family, and said friends and family want to see these girls (I mean, come on.  They’re adorable.  Tell me you don’t want to snuggle them).


Big family gatherings are cool, because BB comes with me, and there are two kids and as long as there are two of us we GOT THIS.  But the smaller things – random one-offs on the weekend when people are like “hey I’m home from grad school / earned a free turkey and need help eating it / we get together at this time every year don’t be lameeee” or whatever (because my friends are AWESOME and don’t want to exile me just for having kids) and BB is working and I’m all like “OMG sure I can TOTALLY bring the girls it’ll be FINE!”  Those things are a problem.  Because it’s not fine.  It’s a new place and (relatively) new people and they need the comfort of Momma or Daddy but there’s only Momma and she is OUTNUMBERED.  And I feel AWFUL.  For my girls, for dragging them out to these new places where they’re clearly uncomfortable, & for not being able to adequately comfort them.  And for my friends (and/or family members) who were totally cool enough to let me bring my babies when we hung out so I didn’t have to choose between Momma life and old Katy life and are treated to a rousing rendition of HOW LOUD CAN WE SHRIEK BEFORE WE RUPTURE SOMETHING.

So, I’m a little stressed going into the holiday season.  Sorry if I eat all the potatoes.


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