Five months.  FIVE MONTHS, baby girls.  How is time flying by this fast?  I would much prefer if it could slow down so we could have a few nice, relaxing days of snuggling.  You’re growing and changing so fast, every night I think back and regret every second of your life that I’ve missed.  You’ve got two teeth each and have started eating solid foods – if mashed up bananas (will I ever be able to spell that without Gwen Stefani’s help?) count as solids.  I can’t even believe that I’m brushing your teeth and listening to you babble (screetch) and tell stories all day long.  You’ve both become so animated and love interacting with your family and each other.  Anytime you would like to step outside of time for a day or two, momma is down.

Rosemane Maxine


Oh, my little drama queen.  And little is the word this month – at 14lb1oz, you’re clocking in just below your sister in weight.  We’ll see if that stays the same for longer than one month.  Not that it stops you from trying to wrestle her anytime my back is turned – yesterday I turned around from locking the dog out of the living room to see you gripping your sisters foot in both your hands while kicking her in the torso.  You have worked so hard on your motor skills in the past month or so, and while you’re not q.u.i.t.e to your sister’s level yet, you’re getting there.  Nothing is more adorable than watching you struggle to perform a tiny baby sit-up when you want to be more upright and nobody is around to give you a lift.  You’re determined to do it, to get there, to not be left behind.


You are still momma’s drama queen, though.  Bedtime is the newest time for your dramatics.  Suddenly you cannot – CAN. NOT. – sleep alone in your crib.  You’re rubbing your eyes, ready for bed, and then we walk out of the room after story time and you FREAK. THE. EFF. OUT.  And you do not quit.  Until you are picked up and cuddled.  And then maybe possibly we can get you back into your crib.  But at some point during the night it’s a choice between letting you wake your sister up, or snuggling you.  Twist my arm, goddamnit.

Madeline Elizabeth


Less dramatic than your sister does not mean easier, baby girl.  You are already a stubborn, stubborn child, crying and whining until we’re able to figure out exactly what you want.  Your 14lb4oz frame is s.l.i.g.h.t.l.y larger than your sister’s, and you have some more control over yourself, since you’ve been obsessed with practicing your motor skills from the gate.  But when you decide you no longer want to do something, you don’t – like deciding after two weeks of champ rolling that you no longer wish to roll over, and will just cry until someone flips you over.


Your newest discovery is locking your knees, and the magical abilities it grants you – not only can you block momma from getting your pants back on after a diaper change, but you can STAND.  Not by yourself, of course – you can’t pull yourself up, or balance yourself, or even figure out how to hold on to anything to keep yourself up.  But if someone is holding you on their lap, you are DAMN WELL going to plant your feet on their thighs, lock your knees, and observe the room from this newly discovered height.  It’s the cutest thing ever to see your tiny body locked upright, your little face lit up in pure joy at your achievement.




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