Hahahaha I’m so funny.  Holidaze.  I crack myself up.  Anyway.  This Thanksgiving weekend has just really given me a chance to get myself back together & centered and I’m feeling so much better now – I can actually see myself getting through the next two and a half weeks of work till my Christmas break (I took PTO, suck it haters) with everything else going on without driving myself up a wall.

I used to be a little bit bitter about the holidays, because, well, I spent ten years working in retail and the holidays in retail are always awful.  But since getting out of that job and into my current (AMAZING) job, I’ve felt my holiday spirit coming back.  Spending time with family is always one of my favorite activites, and the fact that the holidays FORCES you to do so makes me unreasonably happy.  While this long weekend has definately had its low points, it has also completely recharged my batteries and put me in the holiday spirit (whhyyyyy have we not decorated yet?!? I’m SO EXCITED).

I’ve been home since Wednesday (worked from home), and I just finally feel like I’ve relaxed and I’m back to my (relatively) normal self.  This morning BB and I took the girls out for a couple of errands before he had to work and I spent the rest of the day at home with the girls.  It broke my habit of hunkering, which I always think will make me feel better – yay time without having to get dressed / get the girls into the car / talk to people! – but always ends up making me feel worse – because I didn’t get anything accomplished / I haven’t spoken to an adult / OMG these babies are so fussy and why  can’t I fix them??  Even though we literally only went to two stores (that we NEEDED to go to for boring parent reasons), it really felt like we had the sort of family time that we’ve been missing out.

And tomorrow we get to see his family for lunch.  And I can’t wait.  I freaking love the holidays.


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