Christmas 1, 1.5, & 2.5

It’s the morning after the girls’ first Christmas, and I’m downstairs, with my coffee and breakfast, ALONE, while the girls continue snoozing in their cribs.  But that’s the story for another post.  TODAY I want to talk about Christmas, because we’re about halfway done (according to my estimates) and we luckily have a break day today.

**I don’t have any pictures of these events, because I was super focused on the girls because of all the excitement, and also because I am the worst.  I’m sure if anyone else took pictures you can see them on the facebook and things**

Christmas Eve was, per usual, a big group affair with my father’s side of the family.  We met my cousins’ two new boyfriends (that’s two cousins with one new boyfriend each, for those of you who have trouble with apostrophes), and probably scared at least one of them off.  There was a lot of trash-talking my cousin’s new wife for being SEVERAL HOURS LATE (seriously girl you messed up my whole schedule) but once she was there it was all good (helps that she’s a. the sweetest girl I’ve ever met and b. always has some sort of baked good that’s crack-like in its goodness).  The girls got a few gifts, and got passed around from person to person more than they’re probably used to, but whether it’s the new sleep schedule or just general growing up they did really, really well.

Christmas morning was at home, with grandma and grandpa and mommy and daddy – and four aunts, one uncle, one new-boyfriend-who-isn’t-uncle-status-yet-SIR (he’s southern, I feel like I need to call him Sir all the time.  Odd, I know), and one hyperactive, high-on-Christmas cousin.  It was a good time, but thank goodness it was sandwiched between our two nap times because it was STIMULATING and that wasn’t even the main event of the day! (But daddy did buy mommy (and himself) a Wii U and preordered MAJORA’S MASK FOR THE 3DS soooo still, awesome)

Christmas afternoon / dinner was down and BB’s aunt & uncle’s house, with his mother’s side of the family – and she has six (?) brothers and sisters, so obviously it’s a big party.  Again, the girls did really well, especially considering they haven’t met anyone from this side of the family yet (there were plans for a cousin’s night that included them,but they fell through).  We were there about three hours, including a boisterous  white elephant / grab bag gift exchange (the kind where all the gifts are piled up, but once something is unwrapped it can be stolen, etc etc), and there was very little fussiness till we decided to get ready to go after dinner.

All in all, it was a nice first few Christmas activities.  Lots of family time, lots of love for the girls, and lots of food (omg food).  Still on the calendar for the next week or so: Saturday morning with BB’s immediate family, Sunday dinner with my mom’s side of the family, & a mini-Christmas the following Saturday when my brother’s fiancee comes down to look at bridesmaid dresses.  Plus I’m off all week, so I want to get in visits to people I don’t see often – a friend in from Chicago till the new year, a cousin who just had a baby, etc.

Hopefully wearing my “NEED COFFEE” shirt will inspire people to give some to me.


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