Half Year


The girls are now six months old.  They turned six months old nearly ten days ago, as of this writing, but there was a death in the family and CHRISTMASSSSSSS to attend to before I could turn my attention to this post.  So, sorry to anyone who was breathlessly waiting for an update on my children.

Their grandfather told me that in his Christmas newsletter, he said that they’ve graduated from infancy and they’re real babies now.  That’s the best description I can use for how they’ve matured in the last month or two – they’ve really moved into having a personality, observing & participating in what’s going on around them.  It’s been a huge change, and I’m really excited to watch it.


Also, we saw Santa. Per our CBF, we were not impressed

They are both having solid breakfast and dinner, although they’re still getting most of their nutrition & calories from formula right now.  BB makes all their food, which he seems to enjoy, plus it means we get to try all sorts of things without worrying about buying the little jars.  So every morning we have fruit puree (today we have apple / pear mix hanging out in the fridge), PLUS cereal PLUS a little bottle of formula.  At night, same thing but with a veggie instead of fruit (carrots tonight, acorn squash next week).  They LOVE to eat.  Taste the food, spit it out, taste it again.  Grab the spoon, try to put it in mouth, miss.  Grab spoon again, hold it VERTICAL while trying to eat.  Most of the time I just strip them naked and wipe them with a baby wipe when they’re done, because I LOVE to see them play and get involved and excited about eating.

Rosemane Maxine




Rosy, you’re my OPINIONATED baby.  You don’t like to be fed, you like to feed yourself – whether mommy lets you play with the spoon & bottle, or you just jump forward for each bite rather than waiting for the spoon to get to you.  You yell when you realize that I expect you to LAY in your CRIB and FALL ASLEEP – but you usually fall asleep within two minutes.  You’re perfectly content to lay on the blanket playing with toys (or chew chunks out of your Dr Seuss board books with your FOUR TEETH), or stand in your walker or exersaucer playing, as long as you can see mommy or daddy nearby.  If you see us walk away – or suddenly look around & is unable to locate one of us – you make your displeasure known.


This is not a picture of Rosy. It is. however, a picture of the board book she chewed up while I was attending to her sister. Teeth, man.

You’re a curious girl, Rosy – always reaching out to grab things, and more often than not, if you get it into your hand, it’s going in your mouth (see: aforementioned board books, mommy’s glasses, anyone’s fingers, your sister’s head).  You chew literally everything – even now, while you’re not actively cutting a tooth.  Putting you in the exersaucer or walker is really just an invitation for you to gnaw on all the parts you can reach.  You’re not very mobile – you prefer to stay where you are, and thoroughly investigate everything you can find in your reach – and it’s not difficult to entertain you.  When someone is holding you, you like to reach out and grab their hair, or touch their face, pull their glasses off their face – anything to get more information into your brain.

Madeline Elizabeth




My relaxed child – Mads, you can be put in just about any situation and you’ll give it at least a few minutes of big-eyed contemplation before deciding you don’t like it and screaming for a savior.   You love being held and cuddled, but it’s at least a little bit of a ploy – nothing seems to be as good of a teething toy as grown ups.  You love to grab onto the fingers of whoever you’re cuddling with, spreading them apart and starting intently before shoving them in your mouth to gum them as hard as you can.  You’ll gaze up lovingly into my eyes, just until I turn away, then work on trying to get my entire shoulder into your mouth.


Sometimes mom forgets her lunch at home, and Mads lets dad pose her

You’re more relaxed than your sister during tummy / play time, but you’re also kind of a stealth troublemaker – at least half the time when I look up to see why Rosy is crying, it’s because you’re kicking her in the face, or stealing her rattle.  You’re not doing it on purpose (yet) – but you’re much more mobile than she is, and love moving around checking things out.  You never stay in the position I put you for long – either rolling over or rotating yourself into a new angle in more your style.  Putting you in your walker is different than putting your sister in – Rosy will stand straight up and work on chewing all the parts, you split your time between chewing all the parts and scooting yourself around the room.  You do love the exersaucer, but you always rotate yourself around, giving each section just a few minutes of attention before spinning into the next.


I love both you girls more than anything else in the whole wide world, and I can’t wait to see what new things we learn this month.


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