The Struggle Is Real

The last two days have been a fiesta of terrible mothering moments. Is that a phrase people use? Whatever. I like the word fiesta.


Yesterday Maddy fell off the couch. Like, BB and I were both out of the room for ONE MINUTE and she pitched forward & landed with a THUD on the floor. She’s OK – BB took her to the Dr and got her checked out – but still. Horrifying.

Today, I nearly burned the house down. That may be an exaggeration, but not by much. I had the rings and nipples in a pot to boil (it’s a sanitizing thing, non parents. You’ll know about it one day) while the girls were napping. Well, Rosy woke up earlier than expected, COMPLETELY FREAKING OUT. Changing her (dirty) diaper didn’t help. Snuggling didn’t help. She didn’t want her bottle. I don’t even know how long it took me to get her settled, but when I did all the water was boiled off & the rings were melting onto the bottom of the pot.


It was a massacre. The house smelled like smoke, the kitchen was slightly foggy – oh, and I had put off sanitizing these for so long that I literally had NOTHING left to make bottles with (OK, I would have been able to make tweet bottles). So the girls and I had to make a run to babies r us for new bottles – because you can’t just buy the rings. And it was 30° here today. Oh, and did I mention I was working today? So, that was a good time.


And of course besides this drama, the girls are teething hellaciously.  So they’re both fussy (and that’s probably why Rosy was so inconsolable earlier).  And drooling enough to bring back the teething rash I thought we were past. And – new symptom alert! – they’ve both got a diaper rash. AWESOME.


Good thing they’re cute. So cute. But note where Rosy’s hand is – pulling Maddy’s Bink out of her mouth. Because that’s the part of fine motor skills the doctor never warns you about (probably because it’s not an issue with singletons). They immediately start using their new skills to harass their twin. Which is obviously awesome.


I really do love them sooooooo much.  Even when my complaining makes it seem like I don’t.  But after the past two days, all I want to do is curl up in bed with wine & watch Grease 2. Lets do it for our country, indeed.


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