Tubby Time

IMG_20150216_182832553Today was a pretty low key day – nothing particularly bad happened (like the day I melted all the nipples & rings) but I was still pretty drained by the time BB got home.  Being at home, all day, alone with just two little babies is HARD – especially when you’re working from home.  I try to remember that I’m incredibly lucky, because the flexibility to work from home means we don’t have to put the girls in day care or even pay for a babysitter.  But that doesn’t always do the trick when they’re teething and kicking each other and generally being fussy and it’s still an hour till anyone comes home to help me out and two hours till dinner.


But it all melted away when we put them in the big tub together for the first time.  We put them in a laundry basket in the tub (in case they fell – they still lose their balance a lot) and the two of them filled the whole thing.  They.  Had.  A.  Blast.  They splashed to their hearts content (splashing was frowned upon in sink tubbys), and passed their toys back and forth, and were generally so smiley and happy.  All the stress of the day slipped away while I watched them enjoy themselves.  And it reminded me, yet again, that being a parent is pretty freaking awesome.


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