EIGHT.  MONTHS.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME HOW DID WE GET HERE.  The girls are growing by leaps and bounds.  Like, it’s impossible to believe and I’m here watching them each and every day.  They’re becoming more and more interactive, also, which is just disgustingly adorable.  Like, I cannot even handle it.  They sit up together in one crib and play, they took their first bath together this week and were playing together.  Of course, right now their playing generally consists of snatching toys back and forth, or waving their hands in front of each other’s faces, occasionally smacking one another.  But they seem to be…enjoying it?…even when they’re the one being bullied, so to speak.  All smiles, all the time.  They’ve even realized they can spot each other through the bars of the cribs & chatter when they wake up and before they go to sleep.  It really is amazing seeing them becoming best friends as they grow together.

I'm not sure what you're looking at, but I know it isn't me

I’m not sure what you’re looking at, but I know it isn’t me

Interesting note, also: I am chopped liver.  At least, it seems that way when I’m with the girls all day and their daddy walks in the room.  They are both daddies girls through and through, and would rather share his lap then give him up for momma cuddles any day of the week.  Part of me is jealous – hello, isn’t momma supposed to be the special one?!? – but mostly I’m just thrilled that he’s such a good daddy, and they’re building such a strong bond.


Rosemane Maxine




You are your momma’s daughter, let me tell you.  You probably could be crawling already but you’re so mad you can’t that you won’t even try – if that makes sense to anyone but you and me.  There have been a few times I was SO SURE you would do it – there was a toy juuuuust out of reach, and I saw you lift your butt up in the air…but you couldn’t figure out you needed to use the upper body strength to help you out, and you got SO MAD.  It was honestly pretty funny to watch.  Sorry.


You wake up so fast – you’re smiling from the minute I walk in the room, and your sister’s dramatics are met with a confused stare.  As soon as you’re awake, you’re AWAKE – ready to face the day with a smile and a fierce determination not to do anything you aren’t the best at.  This is balanced by your UTTER FREAKOUTS in the tubby for the last two days – after the first minute or two of excitement, you start crying like you’re being murdered – to the point that tonight I took you out and cuddled you before putting you back and washing you as quickly as possible.  It’s heartbreaking, and I don’t understand why you stopped liking bathtime so quickly and completely.


You looove food.  Like, this morning during breakfast you were rocking back and forth in your high chair, both hands firmly wrapped around the tray, banging the WHOLE CHAIR to insist I feed you faster.  You almost always finish everything we feed you, and you’re pretty over bottles – you still drink them, but you’re drinking less and less.  I’m dumping up to half your bottle down the drain each time, which is quite frankly irritating.  But the irritation is offset by seeing you become such a voracious little eater, and knowing that it’s something you and your daddy will bond over

Madeline Elizabeth



Not as much of a fan of looking at the camera

Not as much of a fan of looking at the camera

You. Love. Standing.  Laying down is annoying because you can’t see (and therefore judge) everything around you, and sitting…well, I don’t know.  You put up with it because you have really no choice right now, but every time I try to sit you down on the floor it’s a several – minute struggle because you’re locking your legs and trying to force me to let you stand.  Your new favorite thing to do is stand in front of your cousin’s Minnie Mouse play kitchen and grab onto all the parts of it to hold yourself up.  That’s adorable in and of itself, but the straw that broke my heart was when your daddy was there, and you kept turning around to see if he was watching you, as if to say “Look Daddy!  I’m just like you!”  Melted on the floor.


Those big eyes are not always so sweet, my little judge.  You are the most observant baby, and you are STONE FACED while you do it.  It looks like you’re just judging the whole wide world, with your little lips tucked in and your eyes taking up your whole face.  You’ve been hoarding smiles lately, not giving them up for smiles or baby talk or even tickling, trying to make it difficult to get the smile out.  But when you do, you’re SO HAPPY.  And when you do open up, your voice is something to be reckoned with – screams and grunts and dinosaur roars all.  day.  long.


Seriously every solo shot is the back of her head

Unlike your sister, you love your bath and hate waking up.  While Rosy cries after two minutes in the bath, you’ll gladly sit there all night, kicking your legs to make the water splash around and chewing on every toy within reach.  Those smiles are long gone when it’s time to wake up, though – whether you woke up on your own or thanks to Rosy’s chattering, you are C R A N K Y till you get your bottle.  Like, screaming like I’m murdering you during your diaper change.  You only want to be snuggled and fed – no talking or other nonsense before those things are done.  As much as I dislike the screaming, I love the mandated cuddles.  It’s a good trade.


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