In case you didn’t get the title of this post, the girls are starting to get the concept of sharing.  They’re not super awesome at it, by any means, but it’s starting!  They frantically wave their toys in each other’s face, or mine, or whoever is around.  It’s cute, until they catch you with the sharp edge of a block.  Even their binkies (which aren’t really meant to be shared) get waved (woven? why don’t I know the right word here?) in anyone’s face.  Whenever I give them finger food (strawberries or bananas mostly), Maddy always reaches her hand out to share with Brooklyn and Rosy throws half her food on the floor to get in on the act.


Considerably less adorable is the new (completely predictable) sharing of germs that we’ve run into this month.  First Maddy was sick – faucet nose, cough, 101 degree fever – and the doctor said it’s just viral and needs to run its course.  Less than 48 hours later, Rosy is running a fever.  Now, on Monday night, Rosy is 1000% better but Maddy is (again) fussy and her nose is worse than ever.  No fever, but I’m pretty sure she’s cutting another tooth so she is just abjectly miserable.  Nothing but cuddling with Daddy is good enough, and even that is questionable.


I’m really truly just hoping they’re in a better mood tomorrow.


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