Nine Ladies Dancing


I probably should have used that post closer to Christmas, huh.  I dunno why it jumped out at me today.  Today the girls are nine months old.  That’s…big.  We’re getting close to one year.  I’ve been getting started on planning for that, but I’m more focused on seeing how much they’re growing and changing every day.  Every day it seems like they’re becoming more and more like real people – they’re looking more different from one another, and their personalities are coming through more and more.  It’s especially funny to see the similarities now that they’re fewer and further between.  Like their love of food.  DO NOT EAT IN FRONT OF THESE CHILDREN, UNLESS THEY’RE ALSO EATING.  One day they’ll learn to attack and it’ll be all over.


My favorite thing is seeing them interact – they’re really getting into playing together.  And playing with Brooklyn!  Brooklyn is seriously like the third musketeer I could never be – they talk to her, share food & toys with her, grab her and smack her.  It’s super adorable, especially how patient Brooklyn is with them – she never gets annoyed or snaps at them, simply runs away when they attack her with her walker and runs back when it looks safe to lick them half to death.  No matter how cute they are with Brooklyn, though, it can’t compete with how cute they are with each other – during mealtimes, leaning over to check out what sissy has on HER tray (it’s always the same, but I guess you never know?), flinging toys into each others’ faces (sharing, I guess?), and omg sharing bath time.  It’s truly amazing to watch.  Anytime we face them towards one another – even if one or both of them was just having a screaming fit – they immediately start laughing and yelling at each other. I can only hope that they grow up to be as close as they are now.


Rosemane Maxine

Oh, Rosy.  You love nothing more than you love confusing your momma.  After eight solid months of loving the bath, you decided this month that it was TORTURE and UNACCEPTABLE that we were putting you through such torture.  Every night was just miserable screams from the moment we put you in until the moment you were snuggled into your sleep sack.  We tried putting you in before your sister so you could settle in on your own; putting Maddy in first so you weren’t alone; Momma Daddy and Grandma all took their turns.  You were simply miserable – and you let us know.  Then, two nights ago – done.  Baths are fun again.  ALRIGHT THEN.

Don't be fooled.  She started freaking out one minute after this photo.

Don’t be fooled. She started freaking out one minute after this photo.

You’ve got excellent motor skills.  You love eating finger foods – cheerios, bananas, strawberries, mangoes – you’re excellent at picking them all up.  Not quite so awesome at keeping things in your mouth – you continue to try chewing with your mouth open, which is not quite working for you.  But eating gives you such joy, I don’t even really mind having to practically scrub down your high chair after each meal.  Your gross motor skills are starting to step up as well – I swear you’re so close to crawling I can feel it.  In fact, I’m half convinced that you’re already crawling, but only when there’s no adults in view.


You still love your momma.  Don’t get me wrong, you love snuggling with your dad (which is how we start our day, every day) but when I walk in the room you raise your arms up to be picked up and squeal like you could not be more excited to see my face.  You aren’t as big on cuddling these days, because there’s so much to do and so much to see.  But when you’re tired, you do like to lay down on me and practically melt into me. It’s the most precious thing in my life.

Madeline Elizabeth

Ooh, girl.  You.  Are.  Daddy’s.  Girl.  No matter who else is around or what is going on, you want daddy.  If Daddy isn’t around, well….anyone but Momma will do.  You’ve leapt out of my arms for Grandma, Pop Pop, Aunt Kelly, Uncle Albert….literally every person who you come across.  When you were sick this month, only Daddy would do, but Momma could sub in if Daddy wasn’t home – and only if Daddy wasn’t home.  If I wasn’t 10000% sure this was a phase I might be offended.


You loveeee food, maybe more than you love Daddy (probably not).  You’re not as good as your sister at picking up the little pieces, and you’re proving to be slightly pickier about what you will and will not eat, but once the food is in your mouth there is simply no escaping.  You especailly love being given bits of what the grown ups are eating – you’re much more likely to eat a piece of fruit once you see me take a bite, and I’ve never seen you as thrilled as when I handed you a green bean off my plate.  Not only do you love eating food, but you LOVE playing in the little play kitchen.  Rosy quickly loses interest, but you can stand (with support) hitting all the buttons and grabbing all the pieces – all the while looking around to see if Daddy is watching you be like him.


In the past few days, I’ve noticed that you’re becoming quite the little daredevil.  You are always trying to leap from one person’s arms to another’s, sometimes when they’re not paying attention.  You have never liked sitting, preferring to stand – but now you’re trying to take off when you’re standing, and climb up people and things – your lack of ability to do any of those things notwithstanding.  Tonight you tried to climb out of the tub when you decided that you were done and Momma wasn’t moving fast enough for you.  Then you threw your bink on the ground and tried to leap out of Pop Pop’s arms to get it.  I’m already exhausted from keeping you from grabbing things off the tables and counters and stop you from putting everything you can reach in your mouth – walking is going to be a treat for me!



I cannot wait to see what you learn this month.


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