This winter was HARD, yo.  Being in the house all day with nothing to break up the hours – with the girls to take care of and work to keep on top of and general chores to attempt to handle – I burned out pretty much every day.  Thank God we’ve had a few nice days – enough to get out of the house.  It’s literally insane what a difference getting out of the house even just for a few minutes does for my mood.

Last week I went to a local museum on my old community college campus with the girls – but that didn’t work out, because they don’t allow strollers in the museum itself.  And, uh…I have twins.  And was by myself.  Soooo we left.  We walked a little bit, but it was still pretty chilly and windy, so we really just took the long way round to the car.  But it still took up like an hour and a half of their three hour between-nap-awake-time – by the time we got back home and had lunch, it was basically time for nap again.  Yay!  By the time they woke up from the nap, it had warmed up enough for me to throw them BACK in the stroller and take a quick walk around the neighborhood.  They mean mugged everyone we ran across, and it seemed like no time at all before everyone else was getting home from work and wanting their snuggle time with the girls.

Monday was very similar – we went to Babies R Us in the morning, because it was a bit windy and cool (again, mean mugged everyone in the store.  An employee even commented on it!)  And then took a walk around the neighborhood in the afternoon.  It was so energizing to get out of the house, in fact, that I also did ALL the laundry, put it ALL away (this is a lie – there’s one load left in the dryer but it’s RuPaul night so I’m not beat to go down and get it), ran – unloaded – and started reloading the dishwasher, boiled ALL the bottles, AND made a few bottles for BB tomorrow morning (you know, plus keeping on top of work and ensuring the girls weren’t screaming their brains out).  Now, of course, I’m exhausted.  But it’s a good, I-was-productive-today tired, not a omg-where-did-the-day-go-i-got-nothing-accomplished tired.  And it feel really, really good.


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