Daredevil Babies


Some babies skip crawling.  They want nothing to do with it, and go directly to walking.  That is the bath my daughters seem to be on.  Which would be cool, or whatever, if they didn’t also appear to be COMPLETELY DEVOID OF FEAR.  Seriously.  Either one of they will attempt to leap out of my arms into someone else’s (their daddy or grandparents, mostly), or physically shove my hands away when I’m trying to help hold them up.  They’re convinced they can do it themselves.  I remain unconvinced.

Madeline in particular has had TWO recent incidents that ended with BLOOD on her FACE.  Or was it three?  She’s not even ten months old yet and I’m already losing count.  One she was balancing on her tummy, across my thigh, and decided she NEEDED to have the bottle that way laying just in front of her face on the floor.  So she flung her weight forward and hit her mouth on the bottle.  (Should I probably have seen the bottle laying there, close to her face, and realized it was a danger?  Probably.  But she’s technically not mobile yet, and so that’s what I’m blaming.).  The other time (or both), she was standing up at the coffee table, by herself, I was behind her circling her with my arms and legs (because I’m not allowing to touch her to hold her up.  Because she’s an adult).  She lost her balance and sat down on her butt, but must have bumped her lip because it was bleeding again.

Let me tell you something – and other mommas feel free to back me up or disagree as you see fit – but my goodness there is nothing to make you feel like a worse mother than when your child hurts herself while you’re RIGHT there.  It’s a serious dent in your confidence.

On the up side, though, we’re raising two super independent ladies.  They don’t need no man – or anyone else – they got this.  Just as I wanted.


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