Saturday the girls turned ten months old.  They’re quickly moving out of babyhood and trying to be teenagers.  Their sass is out of control, whether they’re turning their heads away from goodnight kisses or mean mugging the neighbors while we play outside.  We took them to the park last weekend, and it was a hit. Mostly because there were so many new people to mean mug and judge.  They tried to eat the swings, but enjoyed them.  Still suspicious of the slide. They love being outside, though.  Playing with toys or walking around, they’re never happier than when there’s sunshine and fresh air.  Which is good, because momma can’t be in the house when it’s nice out.

IMG_20150411_162250 (1)

Both girls are getting more vocal every day.  They can say Ma, Da, Ba, Pop (sometimes) and Tsk…and they never seem to stop!  Mixed with general baby noisemaking, they chit chat all.  day.  long.  During playtime, meals, walks, and even when I put them down for naps / bedtime – they’ve always got something to say to one another!  I wish I spoke twin, honestly – their conversations are epic.  I can’t wait till they transition from twin to English.


Their fine motor skills game is on point, too – food, toys, hair, glasses, if it’s in their range of motion it’s in their grasp.  It’s a little difficult keeping up with them during play time – anything on tables is fair game (especially when they’re in their walkers) and forget about the kitchen cabinets – the handles are grabbable and the cabinets are opened.  They’re definitely going to give me a run for my money once the walking starts.


Which, by the way, will be any day now.  I swear, these children have no interest in crawling (and are going about trying to learn in different ways) but they are DYING to walk.  They’re never happier than when they’re in their walkers or holding someone’s hands stomping around the whole house.  Holding onto the couch, edge of the crib, or a table is also acceptable, but they can’t move around as much then.  They looove running around.  Gotta burn off the energy from eating all the things, you know.


They love food, that’s for sure.  They take turns being the more suspicious twin regarding new foods, but they love fruit.  All fruit, all the time.  Literally – breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks – meals are not complete without some form of fruit.  They’re big fans of meat, too – they’ve had chicken & hamburger, and like them both.  Veggies are pretty hit or miss – they were loving the cooked green beans tonight but wouldn’t eat them raw last week.  They love carrots & sweet potatoes when they’re pureed, but have little to no interest in either when they’re whole.


Rosemane Maxine




Rosy has discovered how to throw things.  Since she’s made this discovery, she’s thrown three binkies and a sippy cup out of the stroller while out on walks (one of those binkies was her sister’s!).  She’s also a big fan of flinging her toys away from her during playtime, and then crying because she can’t move herself over to where she flung them.  Good times.


She’s pulling herself up on people – using my hands or arms to lever herself up to her feet – but not on stuff (like her crib or on the table).  But she has learned how to push herself around on the floor.  Wait – that’s not right.  She pushes herself backwards while she’s trying to crawl forward to grab things.  And then gets mad when she’s going in the wrong direction.  It’s rather endearing, actually.  She’s trying so hard and has NO IDEA what she’s doing wrong.


Rosy is much more likely than Maddy to straight up mean mug you out on the street.  It’s really hard to get her to smile at people while we’re out and about, and it takes her longer to warm up when we’re out with friends or extended family.  But oh man that smile is worth every second it takes to coax it out of her.  And she is secretly a cuddler.  She snuggles up and pats your back and it’s the cutest thing ever.  And don’t even get me started on how happy she looks when I give her her teddy bear.  PURE HAPPINESS.


Madeline Elizabeth




Maddy is completely fearless.  Like, utterly.  She pulls herself up on people, on tables, couches, her crib, everything (or, she tries.  Her upper body strength isn’t always quite there).  If she’s in my lap and decides she wants to stand, she grabs my bra and pulls up.  If she’s on the floor, she tries to grab the couch.  If you’re holding her and she sees something on the floor that she wants, she’ll PITCH HER WHOLE BODY FORWARD to try to grab it (and you betta hope you’ve got a good grip).  Her newest trick is to try to pull up on the side of the tub to stand.  Half the time she just ends up upside down with her upper body stuck against the side.

IMG_20150412_085120061 (1)

She’s just generally my independent lady, though.  She hates when you try to feed her – she swats the spoon away from her mouth when you try to feed her, and if you try to put pieces in her mouth instead of letting her pick them up and do it, she refuses to open her mouth.  If you put her binkie or bottle in her mouth for her, she YANKS it out and puts it back in.  Forcefully.  She has no interest in you helping her, thankyouverymuch.


She does love people, though.  She’s just as likely as Rosy to give you the CBF if she doesn’t know you, but she warms up fairly quickly.  And if she does know you…well then.  She shares her food and binkies and toys with everyone except Rosy (including Brooklyn).  She loves talking – she’ll chatter your ear off all day if you let her.  She loves being ticked and her newest sound is TK – she says it over and over again and won’t stop until you tickle her.  And her laugh is infectious.  I could listen to her giggle literally all day and be totally good.


And a photo dump because holy ish I took like a bjaillion pictures this month.  Thank God for Google.




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