Nearly A Year!!!!


E L E V E N months.  That’s so many months!  Like…just…SO MANY MONTHS.  My brain can’t really process it and kind of short-circuits when I try.  The girls are growing by LEAPS AND BOUNDS and I just wish I could record each and every day I spend with them to relive later.  Yes, even the moments that are hard – because I know that they’ll seem easy in retrospect, like when they’re sixteen and telling me how much they love their boyfriend who they JUST MET and is CLEARLY TERRIBLE FOR THEM (yes, we did watch Little Mermaid today, why do you ask?)


There’s so much noise associated with you babies now.  Like, constant babbling and yelling and SCREAMING.  And I don’t just mean crying – screaming.  I mean like happy, OMG-momma-I-found-my-voice-here’s-what-I-sound-like-isn’t-it-awesome-why-are-your-ears-bleeding type of screaming.  Especially during bath time, and immediately after bath – during lotion / PJs time, you are both just so full of happiness and life and love that you can’t help but express it through yelling.  It’s kind of annoying, frankly – partiularly on Thursdays, when I work all day then have solo bath duty – but holy shit it makes me smile anyway.  You two make me all weird like that.


You’re both crawling.  Rosy was a few days behind Maddy – and Maddy is still more likely to GO-GO-GO the second I put you down – but they’re both mobile.  And pulling up.  And getting into everything.  Like, we’ve been baby proofing as we see what you’re getting into and you are being locked into rooms now beccause you can actually get out of them if we don’t actively lock them type thing.  Today was my first moment where I walked into a room and said (out loud, because your momma is strange) “It’s too quiet in here, where are those girls?” (You were in the corner getting into all your cousin’s toys)


You’re…becoming people.  Like, teeny tiny people who are just figuring out that you are people.  INSANITY.


Rosemane Maxine


Rosy, you’re turning into my background baby.  And I mean that in no way to diminish your personality or suggest you’re less than in any way.  But where your sister flings herself into new situations with abandon, you’re a little more suspicious.  You think everything is shady until proven otherwise, and you’re more likely to snuggle up to me at any given time.  Your side eye and suspicious face is on point, though – like, even if you’re not smiling in photos I’m pretty OK with it because you look amazing either way.


In fact, you just generally like snuggles. When I put you into your crib for naps or beditme, you usually cry – until I hand you your teddy, at which point you squeel with delight and fling your arms out to trap him in the tightest hug.  Usually when I go in to check on you throughout the night, you’re touching the teddy – one arm flung over her, or a hand clutching a hand or foot.  Most of your stuffed toys receive that treatment, honestly – whether it’s the big bear with the mirror in his tummy (you’re not super interested in the mirror, honestly) or your Minnie / Daisy dolls, you love you hug them and snuggle them.  Today your daddy tried to give you a traditional pacifier instead of your binkie (which is a WubaNub which has a stuffed animal attached) and you kept pulling it out of your mouth and staring at it, as though wondering where the plushie part was.  Without something to cuddle you’re lost.


You LOVE music.  I already see it coming out of you.  Mostly theme songs, now – but oh man whether we’re talking the Sophia theme song or the Mickey hot dog song you fling your arms around and rock your torso back and forth and I just know you’re trying like hell to dance.  Music settles you a bit, too – if you’re freaking out, but I can get you to focus on a song – whether I’m making it up as I go along or playing something real on my phone or computer – you get distracted by the sound and forget what was bothering you.


Food…well, you like it, what more is there to say?  You eat most of what’s in front of you – you’re a carnivore, so you always eat all your meat before you’ll touch grains or veggies.  If there’s anything left on your plate after a meal, it’s veggies – even things you would gobble up pureed (ahem, sweet potatoes), will sometimes end up sitting on your plate at the end of a meal.  But you eat well – you never outright reject anything I put in front of you; you’ll just sort of push it around while you eat something else you like more.


Madeline Elizabeth


AKA the child who will probably give me a heart attack.  Who has already given me a million thousand gray hairs.  She is…fearless.  Whether you’re being flung up into the air or pulling yourself up or meeting new people – you are ALL ABOUT new things.  You don’t like to be held or snuggled (except sometimes by daddy) because it means you’re not out exploring the world – you give kisses more readily than Rosy, but I suspect that’s because a kiss gets you released from my greedy desire for snuggles.


You enjoy eating, but I think your favorite part of meals is sharing your food with Brooklyn.  You usually start by eating a few pieces of food – then dropping a few pieces on the floor – then eating a few – then dropping them on the floor – then letting Brooklyn lick your hand – lather – rinse – repeat.  Even when we were out to lunch with Grandma this weekend you threw your food on the floor – you had no idea that Brooklyn wasn’t around.  And you just kind of seemed a little confused that she wasn’t there, staring up at you waiting for your dropped pieces.


Generally speaking, Brooklyn is your BFF (next to your sissy, of course).  At least half the time you take off crawling is directly towards Brooklyn – to pat her back or grab her tags or try to grab her tail.  Your desire to be close to her has led to a few heart attack-y moments for me – you are currently sporting a little scratch on your face from where Brooklyn STEPPED ON YOUR HEAD – but you have like a two-second rebound rate (name that movie!) and then you’re running back to play again.


Can we just talk about what a little ham you are, too??  I love it.  As soon as you see me pull out my cell phone you’re smililng and giggling, just waiting for me to switch it to the forward camera so you can watch yourself.  If i put you in front of a mirror you grin and breathe heavy (we’re teaching them to smile like weirdos at people they like so they’ll never date) and throw your hands out to high five yourself.  Today during your photo shoot, you kept trying to grab the camera while the photographer was showing me & Daddy the pictures because you saw yourself.


 Just as a last point – can I point out that I love you girls enough to take you for WALKS, so you can take your sassy act on the road?  I mean, I can only WISH I lived a life where I took a nap while someone else walked me around town.  THAT’S HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU TWO.


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