First Week o’Summer

This week was aaamazzzzing.  And busy.  I’m still exhausted.  But it was fun, so it’s a good exhausted!  Let’s go back in time and relieve these glorious first days of summer…

Last Monday I took the day off work because it was PICTURE DAY!!  We were having the girls first birthday pictures / family shots done.  It was a little chilly – My original plan to have dresses + jackets + bare legs on the girls had to be adjusted because it was just too chilly!!  We’re going THIS weekend to see the photos and I can’t wait!


Monday night my baby brother came home!!  He is in the Army and has been deployed since the very day the girls were born – so he hadn’t actually met them at all.  Video chats and Facebook stalking was IT.  Till this week.  There are no words to describe how happy I am that he’s home.


The rest of the week was fairly uneventful, as I had to go in for my usual 3 days of in-office work and then Friday worked from home.  The weather was glorious, though, and we managed to sneak in some outside playing time while Daddy was making dinner a few nights.  And of course even working from home can’t keep me from taking my girls out walking when the weather is this nice.


Saturday and Sunday were filled with BBQs – Saturday I went up to my former roommate’s new place, which is only about 20 minutes away, and Sunday BB and I took the girls all the way down to a college friend’s place 1.5 hours away.  Both trips were worth it – the girls are old enough to be engaging and adorable and they really do enjoy people.  The BBQ on Sunday also included BB’s brother and sister in law, so it was nice for the girls to sneak in a little family time while we were out and about.


This past Monday was Memorial Day, so I again had off.  Lovely.  Our neighbors have a pool, and we’ve had a standing invitation ever since I was a little girl to come over and swim whenever we want.  TWIST MY ARM.  So we took the girls for their very first swim (seriously my bag weighed more than they do and we were there less than an hour).  They.  Loved.  It.  Seriously – I was a little nervous, because sometimes baths can be a struggle and after all this water is COLD. But they were thrilled.  FURIOUS that we took them out so soon – but their little teeth were chattering!  But it bodes well for this summer, because momma loves the water.


Two more random notes about this week: 1) Maddy is turning into a little girlie girl.  I don’t know where she gets it from – and up to now she’s had a habit of pulling her headbands off – but suddenly she’s grabbing at all her headbands and trying to put them on herself!  Bonus points for being naked.


And 2) Both girls were extra cuddly this week.  To the point that I checked them for fevers multiple times!  Sorry, girls, but usually you’re too busy off exploring the world to give momma cuddles.  I don’t know if it was because there were more people than usual – Baby Brother & his fiancee both stayed from Monday till Friday, and my sister came over a bunch to visit as well – but they were all about laying around on me.  And I was totally fine with it.



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