Rosemane Maxine

20lbs1oz 13″ My firstborn baby.  You were an only child for one full minute, and apparently it affected you deeply, because you are quite independent.  You’re perfectly content lounging in your boppy watching TV, or playing with your toys by yourself.  You’re generally my laid back baby – whether it’s playing by yourself or cuddling […]

Father’s Day

It’s almost a cliche to say that you love your significant other so much more when you watch them parent your children.  But oh my goodness it’s true.  Seeing BB with our children – giving them bottles or changing their diapers or napping with them or taking them for walks or playing with them – […]

365 Days

Subtitle: I hope you like a lot of baby pictures because this post is chock full of them Guys, I’m going to cry.  One year ago, I couldn’t picture my girls’ faces.  I was TERRIFIED at thinking about my impending C-Section – I really had no concept of what to expect, except that BB was […]