Motor Skills


One of the most fun parts of the age the girls are at is watching them gain motor skills at a rate that makes my head spin – it feels like just yesterday that they couldn’t even roll over and now they’re crawling all over the place and pulling up and cruising and grabbing and throwing things.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve walked into the living room – after running to the bathroom, or making lunch – and had a panic attack because omgonlyonebabywherestheotheroneshitshitshiohtheresheisinthecorner.  Don’t get me wrong.  It’s a REALLY fun age – but it’s nerve racking.


One of the more nerve racking parts of it is that the SITTING BACK DOWN skill seems to be lagging so far behind the PULLING UP TO STAND skill.  So bed time and nap time are pushed back to about 30 minutes later than whenever we put them down, because Maddy is incessantly pulling herself into a standing position, then screaming & crying because she’s tired and can’t lay herself back down without help.  So, that’s fun.  Add to that the fact that they’re cutting like a half dozen teeth each (that’s only a slight exaggeration, all 4 of their molars were coming in and then the canines started) and that’s waking them up 1-2 times a night each…and we’ve had a few rough nights over here.

But they’re so much fun during the daytime that I really can’t complain.



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