One of my favorite things about working from home on Mondays and Fridays is that it feels like my weekend is extended – yes, I have to get work done & be available for calls and emails as they come in, and yes, some days it’s stressful – but it also means that I get to spend some more time with my little bffs and that makes it pretty much worth it.


Friday I knew getting up that I needed to go inside the bank to get something notarized, so I packed the girls & the stroller in the car after their morning nap and headed over.  The tellers (who have been asking to see them, since usually they just get a glimpse through the drive up window) were thrilled, and Rosy & Maddy were totally hamming it up and enjoying the attention.  After I finished my business at the bank, we took a quick stroll around the neighborhood – I was hoping to walk up the beach a bit, but construction replacing the Hurricane Sandy – destroyed boardwalk put paid to that idea.  We stopped and had a cherry Italian Ice instead – which the girls loved.


After getting home & having lunch and a nap, it was time to go outside & play.  I filled their tiny pool up with water and let them splash and play for a while, till Maddy started climbing up my  legs and it was clear she was done.  I put them on their blanket to dry off and play before we went back inside for dinner – these girls love being outside, and Rosy in particular is getting brave enough to start leaving the comfort of the blanket to explore all this GRASS stuff that’s surrounding her.


Saturday I met my sister for our weekly yoga class (where a couple of ladies almost came to blows with the teacher about having the door opened or closed!) and then rushed home to shower & get ready for lunch with my friends.  The girls were really well-behaved, all things considered – they kept putting their feet on the table (which is BRAND NEW I have no idea where it came from), and Rosy started chewing on her plate when it was clear she was done with her food, but no meltdowns.  After lunch we rushed home to get settled in time for afternoon nap.


Which never happened.  After an hour of laying them back down, patting their backs soothingly, and whispering “night night” I finally admitted defeat; the five minutes they nodded off in the car on the way home meant naptime was officiallly c.a.n.c.e.l.l.e.d.  So we went outside to play.  And then came inside to watch Tangled – and to their credit. though they were CLEARLY STILL TIRED, the girls weren’t very fussy..  They crawled around, playing with their toys, occasionally demanding to be picked up for a snuggle (and then demanding to be put back down), but that was it.


Bathtime, on the other hand, has become more and more of a struggle as they get more and more mobile.  I’ve started closing the bathroom door because I’m afraid one will head out and fall down the stairs while I’m getting the other one dressed / undressed, and I’ve had to rearrange where things are stored TWICE this week to account for their incessant curiosity about closed drawers / cabinets.  They are still enjoying themselves while they’re in the bath – and frankly, I’m the only one who doesn’t enjoy the pre- and post-bathtime exploration.


Sunday was much more low-key.  I had book club over in the early afternoon, so the girls showed off their big girl skills by gorging themselves on all the fruit we were snacking on.  Then only eating half the chicken nuggets BB made them for lunch, because they had gorged themselves on fruit.  It was very cute – they were super well behaved and I love that they’re comfortable around my friends.


After book club, however, things went a bit downhill.  They refused to nap – after an hour of standing, laughing in BB’s face, crying, and generally being overdramatic the way only children can be, they napped for approximately 20 minutes.  They were still cranky, even after they got their way and we cancelled nap, but we basically turned the rest of the afternoon into a snuggle fest and all was right in the world.


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