365 Days

Subtitle: I hope you like a lot of baby pictures because this post is chock full of them


Guys, I’m going to cry.  One year ago, I couldn’t picture my girls’ faces.  I was TERRIFIED at thinking about my impending C-Section – I really had no concept of what to expect, except that BB was going to be with me and that they were going to cut these tiny humans out of my body.  I didn’t know how recovery was going to be, or how I was going to take care of these bitty creatures.  I felt like I couldn’t imagine my life without hauling around a huge belly (Seriously, guys, I was  gigantic.  I measured 40 weeks at 20 weeks and went to 37.  They  just stopped measuring me toward the end).  I no longer knew what it felt like to move through my life without feeling little babies moving around inside me.  I knew my life was about to change but I couldn’t picture it.


Now, I can’t imagine my life without these little mini mes.  Thinking and worrying about them has replaced feeling them move, and watching them grow is literally the most exciting thing in my life right now (sorry, wedding planning).  Because their FIRST BIRTHDAY feels like such a big deal for me, I’m going to break their usual monthly updates into 3 posts – this one will be about both girls, together.  After their one year old appointment, I’ll post up individual updates.



The girls eat AMAZINGLY.  They love food.  Seriously, don’t eat in front of them if you don’t plan on sharing – they will smell your food and SWARM you to convince you to give it up.  They’re eating three meals a day, plus two snacks and small (4oz) bottles after each meal.  No more big bottles!  They looooove fruit and will always eat it before anything else on their plates if I give it to them at the same time!    Both of their snacks are usually fruit, and they almost always get fruit as a “dessert” after finishing their meals.


Breakfast is eggs or waffles with sun butter, lunch is chicken nuggets or a burger with a side of veggies, and dinner is either similar to lunch or the same thing the rest of us are eating (depending on if someone makes a family meal and if it’s suitable for babies.  No hot wings yet girls, sorry!).  They each have sippy cups that I keep filled with water through the day – some days plain water other days I throw some fruit in to flavor it – so that they aren’t getting thirsty or dehydrated, since we’re cutting back on formula.



I mentioned this in a previous post, but these girls are MOBILE.  Like, fully, independently mobile.  They’re both crawling up a storm, and pulling themselves up to stand on anything they can grab.  They’re both incredibly fast crawlers, too – and it’s full on hilarious to watch them speed up to try to escape me when I’m chasing after them to bring them back to the living room / their bedroom / whatever safe space we’re in at the moment.


They’re also super duper verbal.  They haven’t said any real recognizable words yet – they say Mama and Dada, but mostly it’s more like babbling MAMAMAMAMAMAMA or Dadadadadada then actually calling for or recognizing us.  They make noises A LOT though – they’re always “telling stories” and yelling at the top of their lungs and screeching / giggling when something makes them happy.  Even when we’re in the library, they’re making their opinions known at the top of their voices. (The fact that only they understand what the other is saying seems to be a moot point)



With a few random exceptions, the girls are excellent sleepers.  They go down around 7:30 every night, and are up around 7:30 in the morning, sleeping through the night.  Occasionally we’ll have some teeth cutting through (because they insist on cutting like A MILLION AT ONCE) and I think Maddy’s starting to have nightmares, so we’ll get a couple of wake ups.  But generally speaking they sleep really well, including sleeping through each other’s crying.  I can count on one hand the number of times these girls have woken their sister up (excluding of course when it’s time to get up ANYWAY).


They’re also pretty good nappers.  They generally take a short one – 45 minutes or so – in the morning and a longer one – 90 minutes – 2 hours – in the afternoon.   USUALLY they take them in their cribs, with the shades drawn and the white noise machine on, but they’re champs at sleeping on the go as well.  They’ve fallen asleep for me in their stroller during walks and in the car while we’re on our way to spend time with friends.  Both of them are also really good about letting me know when they’re tired – both by being cranky little brats and by rubbing their eyes and putting their heads down.  Whatever works, right?



I’ll go into their personality differences in their individual posts, but both of them are generally open to new people and willing to be social (which is a huge change from when they were only a few months old and the sight of a stranger sent them clinging to me!).  They both love to smile and wave at new people, and as long as momma or daddy is nearby they don’t mind being held by new people.

IMG_20150309_124752336 (1)IMG_20150328_150431

That doesn’t mean that their judging ways have changed, though – after all, they still give bitchface and side eye like nobody’s business.  While they love smiling, they’re much more likely to scowl at you until you’ve proven yourself worthy – and when we’re in the front yard and somebody is walking down the street…well, the judgement is real.

IMG_20150523_140337IMG_20150530_183851115-ANIMATION (1)

Every time I get them up – in the morning or from a nap – I always gush about how I’m the luckiest momma in the world to have TWO AWAKE BABIES!  I know it’s corny and eventually they’re going to push me away and tell me to leave them alone, but it’s totally true.  I’m the luckiest woman in the world, to have two perfect, growing, healthy babies who put their arms around my neck and squeeze and try to climb up me like a mountain and snuggle me when they’re tired or not feeling well.  Two years ago I never would have imagined my life here – not in a million years – but I literally couldn’t be more happy with where I am right now.

IMG_20150518_122005244IMG_20150329_190825 (1)IMG_20150605_165101981-ANIMATION (1)IMG_20150503_133057


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