Father’s Day


It’s almost a cliche to say that you love your significant other so much more when you watch them parent your children.  But oh my goodness it’s true.  Seeing BB with our children – giving them bottles or changing their diapers or napping with them or taking them for walks or playing with them – makes my heart feel like it’s trying to bust out of my chest.  Every morning when I get the girls up, they practically fall out of my arms looking for him.  On the weekend, when he works the most, it’s a constant refrain of DADADADADADADA.  He’s silly and playful and snuggly for them.  They love their daddy, and their daddy loves them.  And I love them all that much more because of it.

IMG_20150614_181445308 (1)

I’m the luckiest woman in the world.

Happy Father’s Day.


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