Rosemane Maxine

Thanks for the picture, Uncle Austin!

Thanks for the picture, Uncle Austin!



My firstborn baby.  You were an only child for one full minute, and apparently it affected you deeply, because you are quite independent.  You’re perfectly content lounging in your boppy watching TV, or playing with your toys by yourself.  You’re generally my laid back baby – whether it’s playing by yourself or cuddling up with me, you’re pretty much down for it.  Exploring is certainly on your to-do list, but you always seem to build in some down time to your day as well – I won’t be surprised at all to find you grow up to be introverted like your momma.

Uncle Austin FTW again

Uncle Austin FTW again

IMG_20150406_155840305 (1)IMG_20150413_162653375 (1)

The way you interact with new people supports that theory, too – strangers get scowls.  Always.  Hardcore judging looks coming out of you – though if I’m being honest, you give the side eye to pretty much anyone, anywhere, anytime.  And it’s epic enough that I would be a bit disappointed if you didn’t.  Once we introduce you to someone, it really depends on your mood.  If you’re generally having a good day, you’ll happily go over and chill with pretty much anyone.  If you’re having a not-so-good day, you’ll smile and giggle and be generally adorable, but not really want to go near anyone you don’t know intimately.  Which is cool.  You’re probably too good for them anyway.

IMG_20150418_181637087IMG_20150511_111057076 (1)

IMG_20150501_120712760IMG_20150503_112812698_HDR (1)But oh man you’re snuggly and cuddly and affectionate with the people you love.  Handing you your teddy bear before bedtime or naps elicits squeals of delight while you snuggle it so hard to you that if it was a real person it’d be yelping in pain.  But you extend your affection to the rest of us, too – You fling your arms around me and pat my back while we’re playing; when you’re climbing all over me you always take a moment to lay your head on my lap or on my chest – or on MY face.  Even if you’re just sitting with me, you prefer leaning and resting on me to pushing away to look at me.  You’re starting to figure out that you can use your affectionate powers for good as well as evil, too – today I swear you grabbed onto my hand to hold it so that your sister could make a break for it out the gate someone forgot to shut.  When I tried to go after her, you wouldn’t let go…and when I finally did grab her, you were giggling your face off.

IMG_20150614_171833176 (1)

I don’t care.  You can use your powers for world domination, as long as I get all the snuggles


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