Madeline Elizabeth


Uncle Austin is the best



Oh, Maddy.  You’re our trouble child – in the best possible way.  You are always on the go, never wanting to be held or cuddled (unless you’re not feeling well.  Or tired.  And MAYBE when you first get up).  There’s simply too much to explore, too many things to pull up on and too much walking to practice.  You never want to be trapped in one place – you need to SEE and TOUCH and TASTE everything in your field of vision.


Related to your need to be everywhere and in everything, you’re pretty much fearless.  Whether you’re crawling from couch to couch or investigating the contents of every drawer within your reach, you have no fear and I need to be constantly vigilant to make sure you don’t shut your fingers in the drawer / knock a box over onto yourself / fall off the couch (all things that have actually happened).  You’re also fearless about new people – you’re likely to fling yourself out of my arms at a new person who’s approached us, to be held and grab at their face, their hair, their clothing.

You probably do all of that jumping and grabbing with a scowl on your face, though.  While you have a beautiful smile, and it lights up your face, you prefer to reserve it only for those you love.  Even with us, you struggle to hide it – refusing to giggle when you’re tickled and rationing out your smiles like water in the desert.  You prefer to remain stone-faced as much as possible – unless, of course, you’re getting into something you know you’re not supposed to. In that case, you peek over your shoulder with a mischievous little smirk, checking to see if anyone is watching and if we’ll try to stop you.


Despite this seemingly inborn need to get into trouble, you’re a sweet kid.  Seriously – your sharing game is on point.  You are the reason Brooklyn is no longer allowed in the room during meals (you were feeding her your food right out of your hand), and if you have something in your hand and somebody comes near you, your immediate reaction is to hold out whatever it is – a toy or a piece of food, or a piece of food that has recently been in your mouth.  Occasionally this causes problems, since your efforts often end with you hitting your sister in the face, but it’s still really endearing.


Maddy, you keep me on my toes, that’s for sure.  But I wouldn’t have it any other way.


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