Birthday Party

So, it’s Thursday and I’m just getting around to posting about their birthday party.  And this weekend is the 4th of July, which means more and more stuff going on.  So lets get a quick rundown of their birthday party up so I’ll remember what it was like by this time next year.  Also, in a horrific turn of events, I was super busy all day so I have few to no pictures.  I know – impossible to recognize a post without photos.  But we’ll all get through it.

It was…hectic.  And honestly, for me, kind of stressful.  I was VERY VERY happy that we did it – every person who was there was someone I would have been sad to celebrate without – but having that many people over, plus it rained so everyone was inside, was stressful to me.  Also stressful to the girls, who R E F U S E D to nap before the party, had a meltdown an hour or so into it, and had to have a short, 45 minute nap to restore themselves before coming back down.  They had their first taste of ice cream – an ice cream cake WITH THEIR FACES ON IT (their faces were not, in fact, eaten and are just hanging out in our freezer waiting for the next time we want to eat ice cream cake) – and had their first experience playing with a bunch of other kids (there were 7 other kids there, between 1-14) – which they seemed to love – and got to see their aunts who they haven’t seen since they were only 3 months old and a bunch of our friends who have never met / only seen them once or twice / haven’t seen them in months.

The next day we opened presents (it was ENTIRELY too hectic during the party itself, they were already bordering on overstimulated because of missing naps, etc etc etc).  They loved it – ripping the paper, grabbing the tissue paper, eating the cards.  It was all a hit.   The presents were pretty awesome, too – a baby pool and water toys from the grandparents, clothes on clothes on clothes, books on books on books, and of course, TONS of toys.  They were SUPER excited, and I actually had my first removing-a-toy-because-they’re-fighting-over-it experience (strangely enough, over a toy that wasn’t actually out of the packaging yet).  My sister had brought her nieces over again, and they were a HUGE help with containing the mess, keeping the girls entertained, and even putting together the girl’s larger toy so it could be played with.

Overall, it was a really good, REALLY exhausting weekend.  I wished at the end of it that I had had a weekend FROM my weekend, as they say, but in the best way possible.


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