Fourth of July


So, again, here we are, Thursday and I’m just getting around to writing our weekend recap.  Frankly, these weekends are taking a lot out of me.  We seem to have at LEAST one thing on the schedule every single weekend, and most weekends it’s one thing PER DAY.  And of course, BB works weekends (and for the holiday he was picking up extra shifts) so I have the girls all.  to.  myself.  It’s awesome – I love having my little minis around and it’s always fun to bring them to new places and to meet new people.  But they’re mobile now, and oh my goodness it’s hard to keep up with them.


Friday was really the only day we did anything – I had off of work, but my car was at the dealership for a few hours, so we started with a large chunk of hanging at home and enjoying the sunshine.  Right around afternoon nap time, I got the call saying my car was ready for pickup, so we loaded them up and headed up to my friends BBQ, letting them nap in the car on the way up there.  The BBQ was fun – they explored his townhouse & showed off their mad stair-climbing skillz, ate a ton of food and taught one of my friends the joys of the game “I throw it on the ground and you pick it back up”.  Momma lasted about two hours before I called it quits and we went back home.


Saturday and Sunday, honestly, we didn’t do much.  My sister came over with her nieces one day, so we got to hang and play with them.  Mostly we just hung out at home, alternated between inside and outside, and practiced new ways to make my heart skip beats.  It wasn’t the most relaxing weekend of all time, but at the end of the day I got to spend it with my girls and that’s what matters.



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