Weekend Update

This weekend was a good one – mostly pretty low-key, but it was exciting nonetheless – after all, when you’ve got twins who are mobile and getting into everything, every day is an exciting one!  We did a lot of hanging around the house and the neighborhood, and momma got a little bit of extended family time in, which is obviously exciting!

Friday was an unsually busy day for me, work-wise (Fridays tend to be on the slower side, especially in the summer) so we pretty much stayed close to home base.  Grandma had a doctor’s appointment right next to the bank (where I needed to go), so we rode together and the girls and I wandered around the neighborhood for a little while.  This neighborhood is only a block from the beach, but sadly that area is still under a lot of construction (the boardwalk was obliterated in Hurricaine Sandy and they’re just getting around to replacing it), so we weren’t able to get too close.

In the afternoon, we mostly stayed close to home – we played in the backyard, practiced going up the stairs, and – toward the end of the day – took a walk to Dunkin Donuts, saw a friend who works next door, and had a grand old time tearing up the grass in the front lawn (don’t tell PopPop).  Saturday was a little bit more exciting – my grandfather (PopPop the Great) came over for a visit in the morning, and in the afternoon we went to THE POOL CLUB (which is what my father calls our neighbor’s house.  They are incredibly generous and allow us to use their pool pretty much whenever we want, provided we clean up after ourselves and take responsibility for the kids).  This was only the girl’s second time in the pool, but they LOVED IT – they were kicking their feet and propelling themselves around in their floaties like little maniacs.  We were even able to dunk them and they still enjoyed it. I wish someone had come with us to take pictures, because they really really loved it.  Plus, it tired them out so they went right to sleep after bath time.

Sunday is usually Family Day for us, but this weekend Family Day for me meant getting in the car with my mom and sister to attend my cousin’s baby shower in Brooklyn.  This particular cousin lived with us for about a year when we were all young (I was the oldest, and I was only 11 or 12) and I can.not. believe that she’s having a baby.  It was a good time, and we got to spend time with our NY family, who we don’t see often.  AMAZINGLY, we will also get to see them in a week and a half, when my OTHER cousin (the older brother of the baby shower honoree) gets married in Staten Island.  It’s a good thing these people are fun, because driving to and from New York isn’t a picnic.

This summer is flying by, and each and every day that passes my girls are getting bigger and more like little people.  I’m sad at how quickly time has passed and how short a time they were so tiny.  But I’m also super excited for more weekends like this one, and for the little people they are growing to be.  Only good times ahead, right?


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