This morning, I was scrolling through the Harry Potter tag on Pinterest while I drank my coffee (whatever, you wake up your way I’ll wake up mine) and I realized that I post about Harry Potter wayyyy more frequently than I post about my children.  Which may leave the impression that I think about or care about Harry Potter more than I think about or care about my children.  Which is ridiculous. I did not grow Harry Potter inside of me like tomatoes.  I love my children more than anything else in the entire world, Harry Potter universe included.


But being a parent is….repetitive.  I can’t call it boring, because there’s always something.  Moving furniture to get at our old VHSs, hugs that turn into wrestling matches, telling the dog “SIT” or pointing at my brother’s motorcycle and declaring “BIKE” – every day brings new and exciting things around these parts.  But those exciting things are small, and mostly our days follow a pretty predictable pattern.  I find myself struggling to find new ways to describe our days even when just chatting with people in person – I can’t imagine trying to do it in text.


So, that’s why I don’t post much about Thing One & Thing Two.  Maybe, as they get older and their personalities get bigger, I’ll post more often about our adventures.  But for now, this works for me.



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