Weekend Update

It was a long weekend, ya’ll (I only say ya’ll on the internet.  Never ever in real life.  Just thought you should know).  I worked from home on Thursday, which is unusual, because everyone else was out of the office for one reason or another, so no reason for me to go in.  Which means plenty of quality time with the girls – especially since the weather has been gorgeous, so plenty of outdoor time.  We played outside in the backyard, played in the pool, took a few walks, went and played in the park – we had a grand old time.

IMG_20150716_125541-nopm-IMG_20150716_164424648IMG_20150716_164411038IMG_20150716_154100398-ANIMATION (1)

Most importantly, on Friday morning, we met my  old roommate at the beach.  FOR THE GIRL’S FIRST TIME EVER.  We only stayed an hour (work stuff, plus I was worried about them melting down) but they got to play in the sand AND put their feet in the ocean.  Good effing times.  I paid for it later that night, though – going to the beach threw off our entire nap schedule, meaning that by dinnertime the girls were throwing their food on the floor instead of eating and I gave them baths and put them down crazy super early because I just could.  not.  deal.  Anymore.


Saturday was a bit crazed, as I had yoga in the morning AND book club in the afternoon, but it was fine.  Poppop smoked some meat for dinner, Poppop the Great came over for lunch / general afternoon hanging out, Auntie Kelly came to do laundry and play with the babies.  So it was a day full of family time, time off for momma, and playtime.  I obviously missed most of the day, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t awesome, right?


Today we didn’t really have a plan waking up – I was hoping to get to church, but the girls first nap fell RIGHT when we would have needed to leave, so that was scrapped.  Leaving us with a full day with no plans at all.  Which is generally pretty scary for me – I like to have at least a rough outline of what I want to get done in a day – but turned out really well.  It was super crazzy hot and humid, so I didn’t take them for a walk like I usually would, but it all worked out in the end.  We had some more pool time, went to Toys R Us and DSW, and hung out without our clothes on.

Then, of course, bath time came around and Rosy started throwing things and Maddy tried to attack me with a tube of toothpaste.  So it was pretty much par for the course.


All in all, it was a good weekend.  It was pretty tired, and there were a few times where all I wanted was to be left.alone in a room with a glass of wine and a book, but honestly all the tiny moments that melt my heart – whether they’re Rosy snuggling up with me, or Maddy turning around and smirking at me while she’s crawling around the backyard – make all the struggle moments worth it.

Also, wine helps.



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