2,923 days ago we got the news that you were gone.  And a big, jagged hole took up residency inside of me.  And the edges were sharp and the emptiness was painful, but as time went on the edges became dull and I got used to maneuvering around the hole.

But now, I’m noticing that each and every milestone I reach without you is sharpening the edges again, and I wonder if I’ll ever be used to them.

576 days ago I got engaged.  You never met my fiancee.

400 days ago my babies were born.  You never saw me pregnant, never met my children.  I never got to see you as an uncle.

In 397 days I’ll get married.  You won’t be there.

There are a lot more days left of my life, and you’ll be absent from every single one.  After 2,923 days you would think I’d be used to that fact, but I don’t think I ever will be.


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