Dog Days

This weekend was…long.  And full.  And pretty awesome, all things considered. Friday we took a walk down to the school-district-run day care we were considering.  We really, really liked it.  The price is right, and it seems like somewhere the girls will really enjoy being in.  I did grieve briefly for the other, privately run […]

The Great Binkie Caper 2015

Pacifiers are kind of controversial.  You’ve got people who aren’t into them: on one side people who blame them for nipple confusion and breastfeeding troubles and people who worry about taking them away and their effect on children’s teeth; on the other people who would rather deal with those issues in exchange for a few […]

Monday Again

Good Morning Monday!  Where did you come from?  The summer is simply going by much too fast for my liking – it seems like every week is sprinting and every weekend is flying!  I just put my phone down on Friday afternoon and then it’s suddenly Monday morning again.  Incredible how that happens. The theme […]


I hate when my babies are sick. Doesn’t everybody?  It’s probably the worst feeling in the world, as a parent, to know your baby doesn’t feel well and know that there’s very little you can do about it.  All you can do is snuggle them and give them medicine (approved by the doctor) and hope […]

Summer is Winding Down

Ahhh this weekend was most excellent.  We’re fully and deeply into August now, so SUMMER IS COMING TO AN END.  I really don’t mind, because fall is always filled with fun activities – PUMPKIN PICKING!  THANKSGIVING!  APPLE ORCHARDS!  PUMPKIN SPICE LATTES IN TARGET INTRODUCING MY KIDS TO THEIR WHITE GIRL HERITAGE!  (wait that’s not normal […]


I took a break from posting.  Not really on purpose, I’ve just been feeling kind of crappy and it’s hard to get up the motivation to post.  I’ve found that if I write SOMETHING – on either blog – every single day, it becomes easier to keep up with it.  And then if I do […]