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I took a break from posting.  Not really on purpose, I’ve just been feeling kind of crappy and it’s hard to get up the motivation to post.  I’ve found that if I write SOMETHING – on either blog – every single day, it becomes easier to keep up with it.  And then if I do take a day or two off I still have a schedule up.  But every day that I take off makes it harder for me to come back.  I’m trying to do better.

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So.  Anyway.  Two weekends ago.  Was the weekend of LOVE and FAMILY.  Friday my grandmother (who lives several states away) came over to see the babies and have dinner.  Saturday we went to my cousin’s wedding, which was AWESOME.  While we were hanging out in the bar between the ceremony and the reception, I got a text from ANOTHER cousin that she got engaged!!  Yay!! Happiness and love all around!! I couldn’t be more thrilled!! I love my family and I love having things to celebrate.  Sunday I was sick.  All day.  Yup.  Hungover af.  But it was a pretty decent day anyway.

IMG_20150725_220742 IMG_20150725_150258-nopm- IMG_20150724_211133

LAST weekend.  Was the weekend of FEVER and SICKNESS.  When I left the house for yoga, everything was good and wonderful in the world.  When I got back, the girls were napping – but when they woke up, Maddy was hot.  Like, HOT hot.  101F fever.  Tylenol helped it go down, but it was back to 102F after her 2nd nap.  That’s when I finally gave in and called the doctor, who assured me that it wasn’t anything to worry about unless it lasted through till Monday.  Just keep it in check with Motrin / Tylenol and pump fluids.  Which I did.

IMG_20150801_134822 IMG_20150802_152410IMG_20150803_112113-nopm-

Sunday was better – both girls were cranky and I was afraid to take them anywhere, so the walls were closing in on us a bit, but both fevers stayed in the “low-grade, no need for Tylenol” range (99F-ish).  BB came home from work with a 100F+ fever, though, so I sent him right to bed and just powered through with the girls.  On Monday Rosy had rocketed up to 102F and I was basically starting all over again.  All in all, it wasn’t one of our best weekends.  But we got through it.  And some weekends, that’s all you can really do.



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