Summer is Winding Down


Ahhh this weekend was most excellent.  We’re fully and deeply into August now, so SUMMER IS COMING TO AN END.  I really don’t mind, because fall is always filled with fun activities – PUMPKIN PICKING!  THANKSGIVING!  APPLE ORCHARDS!  PUMPKIN SPICE LATTES IN TARGET INTRODUCING MY KIDS TO THEIR WHITE GIRL HERITAGE!  (wait that’s not normal behavior?)  (whatever hater.)  But summer is my jam.  I love it so much.  And winter makes me legit depressed, so I’m always sad to see it go.


This weekend, though, was awesome, as I said.  The girls are FINALLY over being sick, so we were able to take them out and about.  Friday we ran down to the outlets to do a little bit of shopping in the morning, then stopped for lunch at Ruby Tuesdays..  The girls are generally well-behaved in restaurants (very little tantruming or anything like that) but they’re still one and their favorite game is still try to grab everything on the table and throw it on the floor, so it’s never exactly relaxing.  But we still had a good time.  I tried putting them right down for a nap, but they refused.  So we got in the car to go visit my sister at work (and bring some of our surplus cucumbers to her coworkers – speaking of which, does anyone need cucumbers?  We’ve got a ton) and run to the grocery store.  You would think since the carts had TWO steering wheels that there’d be little to fight over.  BUT YOU’D BE WRONG, because if there are two steering wheels then obviously both girls need to have their hands on both of them.  Duh.


Saturday was my day off.  I don’t mean from work – although no, I did not have to do that, either – but from the kids.  BB has been doing A LOT of running around lately (both spending time with his friends and doing work stuff) and so he took the whole day off so I could go do whatever the eff I wanted and not have to worry about the kids.  The only limitation he put on me was that I couldn’t just stay at home – because I always end up getting pulled into chores / helping with the kids / cleaning up / whatever.  So I called up my bff, and we went to the beach.  Five glorious hours of laying in the sand, chatting about our lives while the waves rolled in and the sun baked us.  Then home – BB took the girls out – and I finished my book relaxing on the back deck with my wine.  Seriously, it was a lovely day.

IMG_20150809_103451018_HDR-EFFECTS (1)IMG_20150809_154815-nopm- IMG_20150809_174138833

Sunday, now.  Sunday was a doozy.  My niece came over.  And my sister brought HER three nieces over.  And my grandfather came over.  The kids played in and around the house for a few hours, then we headed over to my neighbor’s house and went swimming.  Thing 1 & Thing 2 had their fancy floaty devices, which basically allow them to be independent in the water.  My niece borrowed a puddle jumper from our neighbor.  My mom and sister got in the water.  It was, really, lovely.  Then home and the kids went right down, no fights.

Honestly, it was exhausting, but family day is always the best day.


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