Monday Again


Good Morning Monday!  Where did you come from?  The summer is simply going by much too fast for my liking – it seems like every week is sprinting and every weekend is flying!  I just put my phone down on Friday afternoon and then it’s suddenly Monday morning again.  Incredible how that happens.

IMG_20150814_165824036 IMG_20150814_165748153

The theme for the weekend was – once again – family time.  Time spent with my girls, and their daddy – and time for daddy and the girls – and of course time spent with the familiy at large.  Unfortunately, my mom is out of town – left early Friday morning and won’t be back till late Wednesday night – so the girls are lacking grandma time and I’m missing the extra set of hands!  But Friday went fairly smoothly – we took a few walks, visited a day care I’m THRILLED with and hope that BB agrees, and only had ONE work-related fire to put out, towards the end of the day.  Perfect time to set the girls up with some bowls of water and toys, anyway.  It all worked out.

IMG_20150815_144401458 IMG_20150815_151904634_HDR IMG_20150815_111400708 IMG_20150815_181810114

Saturday was a little busier – we decided that we need a shelf to  put the TV on, so that all the stuff that goes along with the TV (cable box, DVD player, etc) can go under said shelf, away from prying baby hands.  So my dad took it upon himsellf to build that shelf on Saturday morning.  In the only room in the house (other than the actual nursery) that’s reliably baby-proofed.  Oh, and my niece was coming over.  All the more reason to play outside!  So we took our sidewalk chalk, and our bubbles, and a few other outdoor toys, and had ourselves a little party in the front yard for a little while.  Then we went back inside and played with the NEW TOYS my niece brought over (she’s too big to play with them, but it’s ok as long as she’s playing with the babies, of course) – which of course meant lots of grabbing babies on their way to the stairs, and moving things further up out of the reach of little arms, and that sort of thing.  Oh, and of course tripping over babies while trying to make lunch.  That’s my favorite part.  All in all, it was a good day, though the nap schedule was atrocious and solo-ing it is exhausting.

IMG_20150816_124951512 IMG_20150816_125002844

Sunday was an EVEN BETTER day.  We met up with BB’s sister for lunch, which is always fun – having the girls out at a restaurant is always a good time, made better when BB is actually there to give me a hand (chef life problems – never being around on the weekend.  Boo).  After lunch, BB took the girls home for some daddy / daughter time and naps, and his sister and I got pedicures and caught up – life keeping us apart for months at a time is simply horrible, I swear.  It was a nice, relaxing time.  She came back over to our place afterwards, and her husband met us there, so we had dinner and baby snuggles and playtime, and they left just about at bath time.

All in all, the weekends that go by this fast are my favorite.  Not because they go by so fast, but because they’re going by fast because they’re full of fun and love and family.



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