Dog Days

This weekend was…long.  And full.  And pretty awesome, all things considered.


Friday we took a walk down to the school-district-run day care we were considering.  We really, really liked it.  The price is right, and it seems like somewhere the girls will really enjoy being in.  I did grieve briefly for the other, privately run day care that we also loved – I would have loved to send the girls there!  It’s family owned!  Support small businesses!  But there were a few things that made me uneasy (mostly scheduling related) and since the pricing was so close (with the district-run school having the edge) I had to choose the place that I thought the girls would thrive in.  SO now I have a whole packet full of paperwork to complete, and a pediatricians appointment to make, and an orientation to take off work for.  I thought the business of parenting didn’t start till at least Kindergarten?

IMG_20150820_130258189 IMG_20150820_132219

Friday night the girls and I packed up and headed to the grandparent’s house for dinner.  It was a great night full of fun and laughter.  The girls were a little stone-faced when we first got there (it’s been a while since we’ve spent time with them, due to a series of circumstances that would make you think a sitcom was being ridiculous) but they quickly warmed up and were soon giggling and crawling around the house at top speed.  We had turkey burgers and tater tots for dinner and WHIPPED TROPICAL FRUIT YOGURT and chocolate chip cookies for dessert.  They had a blast, and we didn’t even get packed up to leave till nearly 7:45 because they were having so much fun.

IMG_20150821_182729166_HDR IMG_20150821_085954005

Every weekend I try to build in at least one day where I don’t make any official plans with anyone.  I need a day to decompress and not be running around.  Saturday was that day for me.  I did yoga with my sister in the morning, then had nothing planned for the rest of the day.  I took the infant car seats out of my car and took my car to be washed; then I brought the big girl car seats out and loaded them in.  The girls played outside for some of this activity, and napped through some of it.  Later in the afternoon, we went over to my aunt and uncle’s house to drop off one of the car seats (my cousin & his wife are expeciting and you know grandma needs a car seat!) and ended up hanging out chit chatting till 6.  Then we rushed home, made and ate dinner, did bath time – and again, ended up in bed at nearly 8pm.

IMG_20150824_160458826 IMG_20150823_125557716_HDR

Sunday my grandfather came over, and he got to see the girls over their breakfast, and play with them.  He left at naptime (10am) and after naps, we had a quick nap then got loaded in the car to go to the pool!  One of my good friends from college had texted me on Friday inviting us to have lunch & go swimming, as we hadn’t seen each other in a few weeks.  It was a fun afternoon.  I got to catch up with my friend, the girls got to swim and play and charm my friend’s whole family.  We left when it was time for afternoon naps, and when we got home (and woke up) my  niece was over.  The girls spent most of the later afternoon playing with her, and semi-watching Disney movies while they did it.  Bath and bedtime finally got back to where they belonged.

IMG_20150820_164144972-ANIMATION IMG_20150823_085434026

Monday morning was so hectic I couldn’t tell you where it went – between work and laundry and babies and dishes I blinked and three or four hours had gone by.  Luckily by the afternoon I felt mostly caught up, and we were able to play outside for a bit and relax while an old friend of mine stopped by for a visit.  I hadn’t seen her in about a year – she came over while I was on maternity leave – so it was nice for her to see how big the girls had gotten and for us to catch up.

These are the kinds of weekends where I blink and it’s gone – but yet at the same time I feel like it lasted eons.  It makes me wish summer would never, ever end (except, you know, fall activities are pretty awesome).



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