The Last Summer Weekend?


This weekend was a whirlwind – and I think the next few will be, too!  Friday was the first day the girls were in day care all day while I worked at home – I was incredibly productive (getting stuff done around the house as well as actual paying work) but I did find myself missing my little sidekicks.  Picking them up from school and hearing them happily chatter all the way home (we only live three blocks or so from the school, so as long as the weather permits BB and I are walking them to and from) were the happiest moments of my day.

IMG_20150912_183533191 IMG_20150912_183529585 (1)

Saturday was BB’s sister’s baby shower – I’m so incredibly thrilled for her and had a BLAST making her centerpieces, helping set up, and watching her enjoy the shower.  But again, it was a whole day (I left the house at 10 and didn’t get back till 6) without my babes and I missed them.  A lot.


Sunday we didn’t really have a plan, except that my niece was coming over to hang.  So we watched a few movies, moved back and forth between playing outside and playing inside and playing upstairs and playing downstairs, and generally let the kids be kids.  It was a good day, but long – I always find that while having a whole day free and unplanned sounds more fun and relaxing, in actuality it just makes the day streeeetch out in front of me and I’m scrambling to fill in the blanks.  Even if my plan looks like “today I want to do art before naptime then lunch after then take a walk around the block then watch a movie after dinner”, that extra little bit of structure gives me the boost I need to get through the fussy, boneless, tantrum on the floor because AIR IS TOUCHING ME MOM MAKE IT STOP moments.


And so begins another week.  And apparently another season, since fall began with ZERO warning today.  I’ve always been a summer loving beach bum, but the high temps and humidity make it hard to do much around here with the babies – and fall always has the best activities.  I may be going full white girl and changing my seasonal allegiance soon.  You never know.



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