The weather around here so far this month has been off-the-charts amazing.  It’s probably terrible from a worldwide perspective, but from a super selfish family-only perspective, it’s awesome.  BB and I are still walking the girls to and from school because it’s not too cold, and we can even take them outside to run around […]

1.5 Years

As of this month, my girls are one and a half years old.  When I made their next checkup appointment, it was for their TWO YEAR visit.  I’m kind of breaking down over here about how fast they’re growing – and believe me, they’re growing by leaps and bounds and truly starting to become tiny […]


Our little family had our first ER visit this weekend.  It was a crazy experience, and it was really emotionally draining, and I feel like I’m just now (on Tuesday night) getting over it.  But now that I’m getting over it – or at least used to the idea that This Is A Thing That […]

The Potty

Nobody wants to potty train.  Going to the bathroom is just something that we should KNOW how to do, without help.  But that just isn’t the case.  Kids need a LOT of help – after all, all they’ve known their whole lives has been going whenever, wherever, because there are literally no consequences.  But ALAS. […]


You always know it’s coming.  First you have a newborn, then you have a baby, then you have a toddler.  It’s a pretty simple progression.  And you’ll think you’re pretty prepared.  After all, ever since you got preganant you’ve had people warning you about the “terrible twos” and “threenagers” and how sassy they become.  About […]


Thanksgiving weekend is one of my favorite weekends of the whole entire year.  First of all, I think every weekend should be a 4 day weekend, because it gives us plenty of family time and friends time and relaxing time all at once.  Two day weekends are just too stressful trying to fit everything in. […]