The Potty

Nobody wants to potty train.  Going to the bathroom is just something that we should KNOW how to do, without help.  But that just isn’t the case.  Kids need a LOT of help – after all, all they’ve known their whole lives has been going whenever, wherever, because there are literally no consequences.  But ALAS.  They need to learn at some point.  We can’t all run around peeing and pooping in our pants, waiting for someone else to clean us up – no matter how messy the learning curve may be.

Never fear, though – I’m not potty training my girls yet.  For those of you NOT keeping track at home (can’t say I blame you, really) they’re not quite 18 moths old, and that is CRAZY early to potty train.  Like, as early as is ever ever EVER recommended to potty train.  At this age, they would need to go every 20 minutes or so, which…I can’t.  I just can’t.  It takes 10 minutes to get them into and out of the bathroom (when I’m dealing with them both on my own), which means I would be spending basically all day in the bathroom.


BUT.  But but but.  My kids freaking LOVE going on the potty.  My mom introduced it a few weeks ago, just as a novelty to get them used to it.  THESE CHILDREN.  They want to be potty trained.  They knock on the door to the bathroom CONSTANTLY.  Some times they just want to play – but other times they actually go, AND THEY’RE SO HAPPY.  SO PROUD OF THEMSELVES.  The smiles rival the smiles I get when they turn our talking Santa on and off.  Sometimes I refuse to take them right away (because I’m working, or the other one needs my attention, or whatever) and I KNOW they were right because they need to be changed right away.

For now, I’m keeping it as a novelty – I’m not forcing them to it and I’m surely not doing any sort of boot camp to try to encourage them to make the leap.

I’ll probably miss the window and when I’m ready to potty train them they’ll be totally over it.


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